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Why car transport is so common today?

Moving from one city to another or even from one state to another is becoming common these days. This is because of a number of reasons. Most people move from one city to another in search of better jobs, better career opportunities or simply to enjoy a better quality of life post-retirement. A few move because they love the new city, while others may move because of medical and other reasons. Whatever may be the reason for relocating, shifting belongings from one city to another is not easy. There are many loose ends that need to be tied. Shifting your personal belongings apart, transporting your car or auto from one city to another is something that has to be done carefully. You need to hire the right professionals for doing this job.


Spend Time Choosing the Right Auto Transport Company

There are many auto transport companies and choosing the right service provider could be a problem. You should look for those with experience, proven track record, reliability, and trustworthiness. Further, you must spend time understanding more about the right auto transport quotes, and other such things. In this article, we will spend time getting to know more about the various aspects of collecting the right transport auto quotes. We also will look at the tips that could help in selecting the best car transport company. We will also answer a few FAQs on the subject matter which we believe will be useful for our customers.


Further investigation will inform you regarding the fact that a car transport company is going to be the best option. In case you are not aware of the list of services of these shipping providers, it will be imperative to make comprehensive research and take into account the benefits of enclosed vehicle transport as compared to open-carrier vehicle transport.


It is essential to make research regarding the details of the shipping procedure prior to planning to transport your car with the help of a car transport company. All these details will help you to make a sensible decision and select a provider offering a reasonable per-mile rate.

How does car transport work in the US?

Prior to going into detail regarding the transporting procedure, it might be required to make certain that the expenses incurred are worthy by acquainting yourself with the advantages provided by professional car transport services.


We will begin with the classic cars. Every classic car will not be able to withstand the wear and tear of long-distance commute as well as unpaved motorways. In case a classic car is picked by somebody at an auction, it will not be sensible to pay a considerable amount of money for buying it. In case you have bought a classic car recently, this will be the ideal situation for hiring a car transport business.


In case a company is relocating and requires help for shifting its convoy to the new destination, it will be prudent to employ a car transport business which will be able to transport your vehicle safely. Last but not least, hiring car transport experts will be the advisable route for every car owner shifting from one coast to the other. Rather than spending several days on the road, it will be better to allow the experts take care of the move such that you will be able to concentrate on your day to day chores as well as other tasks related to the move.


After familiarizing yourself with the primary reasons why it will be a good idea to hire a car transport company, let us take a look at the shipment procedure itself.


The process of car transport begins with the initial contact from a potential client. The car transport representative will be requiring several details at the time of the initial conversation which includes the following:


  • The pickup location (address, city, and zip code will be required)
  • The destination location
  • Particular details regarding the vehicle (such as year, make, model, estimated value, and so on)
  • Vehicle VIN code, buyer, and lot number (in case it’s going from an auction)
  • Specific instructions on handling (enclosed trailer or open-air transport)


A quote will be issued by the car transport company for services depending on all these details. Both parties are going to make an agreement provided the prospective client gives his consent.


A car transport company representative is going to arrive on the scheduled pickup date for a pickup of the car in question. On some occasions, the car will be picked up by a contract carrier with guidelines to deliver the vehicle to the transport company. On other occasions, the carrier traveling to your residence is going to be the identical transporter for making the final delivery.


The delivery might be delayed by the car transport companies until they have got several cars directed in the same direction.


During transit, the vehicle owners will be able to monitor their automobiles while delivering them. It is essential for an authorized party to be present for accepting the delivery once the car eventually arrives at the destination. Prior to the conclusion of the delivery process, it will be imperative for the receiver to inspect whether any damage has been made to the vehicle. After passing the inspection the driver should be paid with cash on delivery (in some cases client can pay via credit card) and this will complete the process of auto transport.

What are the major car transport routes?

You’ll come across as many as 6 points in the United States of America which are considered to be significant carrier destinations: Texas, Florida, the Northwest, California, the Northeast, and Chicago. You will get a major transport route by pairing any 2 of these points together. Although California and the Northeast are the most prominent of all, transport is quite easy between all the locations mentioned above.


Regions which are less well-known can take advantage of being located along these transport routes since vehicles can be picked up by trucks on the way. For instance, in case you reside in Atlanta and would like to transport your vehicle to Seattle it becomes very simple since virtually every truck arriving from Florida is required to pass via Atlanta while going to the Northwest. In the same manner, any individual staying in Phoenix will find it very simple to transport their vehicle to Texas due to trucks arriving from California.


The best instance of the power of being located along these transport routes is probably Nashville. It is situated on the way for trucks traveling between Seattle and Florida, Chicago and Florida, Texas and New York, Texas and Chicago, as well as California and New York. For this reason, Nashville has turned out to be amongst the easiest cities for shipping cars to virtually anywhere within the country. Transportation of all types of items is feasible quickly as well as cheaply which is advantageous for businesses out there. Nashville has turned out to be a significant car transport destination of its own thanks to the benefit of being located along these transport routes. A similar scenario is also enjoyed by Denver as well.


These transport routes likewise help to figure out which areas are considered to be dead zones. The majority of New Hampshire, Vermont, as well as Maine, are almost impossible for shipping from due to the Northeast megalopolis which is situated nearby. It is of no use for any truck to come so far given that there are lots of vehicles obtainable without driving as far. For the same reason, it is quite difficult to get vehicles out of Nevada, Wyoming, as well as West Virginia. It is simply not worth the additional distance, unless, of course, a crazy sum of money is paid to the driver. Meeting a carrier will be much more convenient on most occasions.


Car transport cost on major routes:




Pickup truck





























Car transport carriers

In case it is imperative for you to transport a vehicle from one place to the other, you might have observed that many things are involved in the whole process. In general, there are a couple of significant options to take into consideration: open car shipping and enclosed car shipping. In case you’d like to make certain that your vehicle is safeguarded comprehensively, it will be a sensible idea to go for enclosed car shipping. However, bear in mind that enclosed vehicle shipping tends to be more costly and it can be tougher to schedule as compared to other procedures.


Open auto transport carriers

Cars which are moved with the help of open carriers are not going to be safeguarded from the elements such as sun, rain, snow, hail, insects, dust, and birds. It is definitely a significant drawback of an open auto transport carrier. In case you would like to go for this type of carrier, it will be imperative to be aware of the fact that your car can be exposed to these elements.


Nevertheless, in general, car transport companies will be taking proper care of the vehicles and delivering them to the final destination in proper condition. They comprehend the value of the cargo and are also properly trained truckers. Moreover, the vehicles are neatly packed and strapped within the carrier for minimizing vibrations which can be caused by the road conditions during shipment. However, the benefit of going for open car transport carriers is that these are usually quicker as compared to the enclosed carriers. There is more demand for open auto shipping services at present, and for this reason, open car transporters are driven by more truckers right now.


Consequently, despite the fact that these types of carriers usually carry several cars simultaneously that can make you think that this feature can make them slower, the scheduling is quite easy which can make them faster on most occasions. Moreover, open carriers are more inexpensive as well as an extremely safe mode of shipment of vehicles from one point to another within the US.


Enclosed auto transport carriers

In case you would like to transport a custom or classic vehicle, an enclosed auto shipping carrier will be a fantastic option to use. It is exactly the opposite of that of the open auto shipping option. The cars are going to be placed in a covered truck in a typically enclosed auto shipping carrier. Moreover, these carriers will be able to carry only several cars simultaneously, on most occasions, up to 5 vehicles.


Therefore, it might seem that this process might be faster; however, the fact is that you will come across a lesser number of enclosed vehicle carriers at present which makes them more difficult to schedule. Apart from this, on most occasions, enclosed auto shipping is going to be more expensive as compared to its counterpart. Nevertheless, the most significant benefit of enclosed car transportation is that these vehicles are properly safeguarded from the elements like rain, sun, hail, and so on.

Type of Trailer







Up to $100K

Up to $250K

Delivery Speed

400-500 miles/day

500-750 miles/day (team drivers)





Up to 10 vehicles

Up to 6 vehicles




Car Transport Brokers

Car shipping brokers are not carriers! They do not own the truck nor drivers are working for them. They are middlemen that help shippers connect with licensed and insured carrier companies.


Car transport brokers are required by individuals for shipping vehicles due to various reasons. They might be moving due to job relocation and they might require having their cars transported to their new residence. There are many people who purchase their dream cars from a vendor in a different state and their new purchase has to be dispatched to them on time.


It might be the fact that some have bought a brand-new car and would like to present the old one to any family member who might be residing across the country. Whatever might be the reason, they require getting their vehicle transported to another state and this is exactly where auto transport brokers will come into question.


What do you mean by car transport broker?

While you are going to ship a vehicle and are searching for an auto shipping service online, you will come across 2 types of companies: car carriers as well as auto transport brokers. These brokers will be the middleman between the car carriers and you. They are not going to pick up plus deliver cars for their clients since they are not the owner of their personal convoy of trucks. They are going to “broker” their deliveries to the carriers. On the contrary, car carriers will be having their personal convoy of trucks and they will perform the actual vehicle shipping out there.


How auto transport brokers are going to work?

Car transport brokers come with a network of large as well as small auto carriers with whom they are going to work. When a client needs to ship a vehicle, a broker is going to contact their carriers for finding somebody to take the order. Competent and experienced brokers have been operating for quite some time in the US and they have got many carriers within their network.


The flexibility provided by the brokers will be their primary benefit. They are not tied to any particular region or route since they do not own any trucks. Instead, they are able to access lots of carriers throughout the country for coming across the appropriate one to satisfy the requirements of any client irrespective of the type of vehicle owned by them, where it is heading to, or when.


What makes the best brokers?

It is the experience that is going to separate the most competent auto transport brokers from the average ones. In case you work with any broker who has been operating for quite some time, they will be aware of all the intricacies of the vehicle trucking industry and are going to have lots of trustworthy and dependable carriers within their network.


The best brokers likewise have a couple of common attributes, namely, reliable customer service as well as fantastic communications. As a matter of fact, a car is one of the most precious assets owned by you. You will not like it to be handled by anyone out there. It will be imperative to make certain that the company with whom you’re working will be communicating with you during the shipment process and will be able to help you in case you are facing any issues or have any questions.


Lastly, the most competent auto transport brokers will boast of having a long as well as safe track record. Moreover, they will provide you with sufficient insurance coverage in case any damage is caused to the vehicle during transportation.

How to get auto transport quotes?

Whether you are moving your old car from one city to another or even getting a new car delivered to your home, you have to spend some quality time and effort in getting cheap auto transport quotes. However, this has to be done without compromising the quality of the services that are supposed to be provided by auto transport companies. We are sharing below the main ways and means by which you can get the right auto transport quotes for moving your vehicle from one city to another, one state to another, or even from one location to another.



1) Online quote generator – There are many scam and spam emails that could take you for a ride if you are not careful while looking for the right auto transport quotes. This happens in an online environment. You could make use of an online quote generator and this will help you to get a benchmark figure. All you have to do is to input your car details and the destination and you will receive estimates within the next few seconds. You can avoid giving your phone number or email details to avoid spamming.


2) Quotes Via EMail: You can also get quotes for your auto transport quotes online through your email. You have to visit any reputed auto shipping company’s website. Almost all of them have an online free form. You can enter some basic details and of course mention your email id. The quote will be delivered to your inbox. It would be better to restrict your email quotes to one, two, or at best auto shipping companies. The reason for this is simple. If you ask for quotes from a dozen companies, you will have dozens of emails landing on your inbox and it could create more confusion and indecision than anything else.


3) Quotes Via Telephone: You also can speak to customer service executives of a few reputed auto transport and shipping companies. Most of them have a toll free number. You can call, and provide the required information and within a few minutes you will get a call from an executive and he or she will be able to give a reasonably accurate quote after taking into account your specific needs and requirements.


4) Quotes from multiple sources. Though this is not advisable, many customers feel happy having quotes from multiple sources and multiple companies. You have to bear in mind that many auto transport companies work with a number of car carriers. They will be able to help you out with different choices. There are some names like uShip and will be able to arrange multiple quotes from multiple auto shipping and transport companies. All the quotes will be available on a single page and you can then compare and choose, though it could be a time-consuming and perhaps even a confusing task. The disadvantage of this approach is that you may start receiving unwanted and spam mail from various partner companies.


Why is the car transport process so overwhelming?

It does not matter whether you are relocating or purchasing a brand-new vehicle, obtaining a car transport quote will be the initial step in transporting your car from one point to another. However, the process can be quite overwhelming because of so many alternatives to select from. Every car transport business is going to handle auto shipping quotes in a different manner, and it will be quite easy to get an instant quote on the web or directly come in touch with auto shipping companies.


In case you like to compare and contrast, it will be prudent to make use of a shipping marketplace for obtaining rates from several auto carriers simultaneously. Pricing is going to depend on factors such as the type of vehicle, season, pickup location, drop-off location, shipment timeframe, and so on.


Simply speaking, car transport is actually the procedure of a truck picking up the vehicle at your business or residence and relocating it to your new destination. Prices are going to vary according to where, how, and when you’d like your vehicle to be transported; however, it is simple to receive an approximate price range over the phone or online.


In case an online quote is requested by you, make it a point to provide the model, make, and year of your vehicle as well as where it will be shipped to. While requesting these quotes by visiting the website of each and every auto shipper, getting a bigger picture by means of a marketplace will help to save a considerable span of time. It will be possible to get quotes from several auto carriers simultaneously and you will be able to select one depending on the timeframe, price, and transport type.


Below, we have mentioned all the information that will be required by you for requesting a quote:


• Pickup dates as well as drop-off dates

• Origin location

• Destination location

• Preference for enclosed or open carrier

• The condition of the vehicle

• Year, the model, make, and type of vehicle

Why are car transport quotes so different?

Ideally, it is true that car transport companies should have a uniform rate across states, cities, and destinations. However, it does not always happen that way because quite often you will find reasonably big differences in quotes between one car shipping company and another. What is the reason for such differences? This is a common question that often comes to our mind. The reasons could be many. Almost all car transport companies have different prices to offer per mile. This is perhaps the biggest reason as to why the rates differ from one car shipping company to another. The mileage rate is the most important component of any quote. Additionally, there could be some more differences because of insurance, loading and unloading charges, warehouse storage costs if any, and other such things. There is something known as brokers’ deposit and this also could make a difference as far as the rates and quotes are concerned. The size of your vehicle may also impact the quote. Hence, you must take the above into account while looking for a quote and then choose the best amongst the lot.



Vehicle Type

Cost Per Mile


$0.3 per mile


$0.35 per mile


$0.5 per mile

Pickup Truck

$0.65 per mile

Enclosed Trailer

$1 per mile

How to choose the best car transport company?

For most people shipping a car is a new experience because it does not happen in their lives on a daily basis. Hence, it is quite possible that they may become clueless when it comes to understanding the finer points involved when moving or shipping a car from one city to another. It would be interesting to have a closer look at some of the main factors that should be considered while choosing a car shipping or transporting service provider.


Experience and expertise are two important pillars that make a good car shipping company great. You must, as a customer, always look for companies that have at least eight to ten years of experience in this field. We need to understand that car shipping and transport business is extremely competitive and tough. There are scores of companies trying to get a toe-hold in a fiercely competitive market. Therefore, if you come across professionals who are in care transporting and shipping for at least eight years, you can be reasonably sure about their credentials and reputation to deliver when it is needed the most. Experience also comes with expertise and therefore you can be sure to get efficient services and customized solutions for tough car shipping problems and situations. Therefore, always look for car shipping companies having adequate experience and expertise.


Cost of course is a vital point to be taking into account while evaluating and then selecting an auto transport company. The cost that you have to incur for transporting your car from one place to another would depend on a number of factors. They include the distance of the car, the number of cars that have to be transported, the size, shape, weight, and model of the car amongst other things. Insurance also takes up a significant part of the overall costs. Many customers make the mistake of choosing a vehicle shipping company that offers the lowest rates. Try not to be lured by cheap auto transport instant quotes.


Many of them are small and insignificant players and they may not even have their own fleet of transport vehicles. Always look for quotes that offer door to door shipping rather than terminal to terminal or warehouse to warehouse. Insist on a clear and complete breakdown of the applicable shipping costs. Some car transport companies charge extra for door to door delivery if the terminal is quite far off both while loading and unloading the car. It would be better to pay the extra amount and rest assured that your car will be delivered safely at your doorsteps.


It is a fact that vehicle transport prices are not stable even though you might be using one of the most competent car shipping businesses out there. The price is going to be influenced by factors such as the size of the vehicle, the distance you are going, and what type of transport you like to go for.


Your car transport cost will be similar to a Netflix subscription which is going to cost the same each month. The average price for shipping a vehicle is approximately $700 and transport charges will range from $300 (a short trip using an open carrier) to $2000 (a cross-country transportation using an enclosed carrier).


There is no doubt that shipping a car does have its own risks and dangers. Therefore, ensure that your car is adequately and completely covered with the right insurance. Different models and makes of cars may have different insurance premiums. For example, if you are transporting high end cars then it is quite likely that you will be asked to pay a higher premium compared to low end cars. While there is nothing wrong in paying the required insurance premium, have a look at the insurance policy and be sure about the insurance coverage that the transporters may have promised you. There are different types of coverage offered by insurance companies and being aware of the same would help you to get the best deal from the car shipping companies and also from the insurance companies.




Insurance type

Personal auto insurance

Liability coverage

Supplemental coverage

Required for shipping?





It would be better to choose a car shipping company that enjoys a reasonably good reputation. It would be a good idea to get into touch with sites like BBB (Better Business Bureau) and get to know more about the experience, reputation, track record and other such things. Look for professionals with high ratings, and if not move over to other alternatives. Also look for the solutions that the company offers for complaints that are posted and raised by clients.


Almost all professional car shipping companies provide customers with a car shipping report. This report is sent to the customer before he or she receives the car at the final destination. It gives a clear report about the condition of the care before and after shipping. In case of damage, you have to take up the matter with the insurance company and prove that the damage happened while the car was in transit.

What car transport quote include?

Here are a few things that form part of any genuine and professional car transport quotation.


· Car inspection and certification cost – This is to find out the general condition of the car and have a mutual agreement with the customer about the overall condition of the car.

· Car transportation cost. This is quite dynamic and fluid and would depend on various factors. They include the distance or miles to be covered. For example, the cost of transporting a car from San Francisco to New York will be much more than transporting it from Texas to Arizona. Other factors that could contribute to the cost include the size, model, make and age of the car, its overall condition, etc.

· The cost of transportation would vary depending on terminal-to-terminal charges and door-to-door delivery charges.

· Insurance will also form a part of the overall quote.

· Packing, unpacking, loading and unloading charges will also be charged separately.

Vehicle transport check list

While relocating to another location or purchasing a car online, vehicle shipping companies will help to transport your automobile to any location without any problem at all. Auto-shipping services will help to save your vehicle from wear and tear as well as added miles. Nevertheless, you need to perform several things for making sure that your auto shipping experience is a pleasant one. Below, we have provided a comprehensive vehicle transport checklist that will assist you in preparing your vehicle for transport.


Checklist for shipping a car


• Select the most effective car shipment method which is ideal for your transporting requirements. You can go for the open auto shipment option given that it provides inexpensive rates for moving your vehicle. On the other hand, the enclosed auto shipment option provides adequate protection to your car from dirt as well as weather.

• Make a decision on which day and at what time you’d like to meet the driver of the car shipping company. It will be advisable to be present at the site at least 30 minutes before.

• Obtain a copy of all the keys of the vehicle. According to the regulations of the US Department of Transportation, it is imperative for the driver of the car shipping company to have one key for every single lock on the vehicle. The spare keys should be given to the driver and you need to keep the original ones.


Before transporting your vehicle


• Make it a point to clean the automobile. It will be easy to identify chips, dents, dings, scratches, and other damages in case the car is clean.

• Prepare a checklist of every cosmetic damage to the car. Jot down all the marks found by you and also include the time and date when the picture was captured.

• Take photographs of the vehicle. It is important for these pictures to cover every angle of the vehicle and you should also take close-up shots of all the damages. Make sure to mention the time and date of all these pictures.

• Get rid of any personal belonging from the car. Leave the jack, spare tire, and all other standard equipment of the vehicle. However, all covers must be removed including that of the spare tires, grills, and hubcaps.

• Get rid of anything which can fall off. This will include bikes, radio antennas, ski racks, or luggage. In case you own a convertible vehicle, ensure that the top is safe and secure. Fog lights, spoilers, and other specialty items must be removed or secured.

• Check the battery. It is imperative for the battery to have a full charge and it should be mounted securely within the battery bracket.

• Check the tires and ensure that they are inflated appropriately according to the guidelines of the vehicle manufacturer.

• Check whether there is any leakage or mechanical problem. In case there is any leakage or mechanical problem, make certain to inform the driver of the car shipping company during the initial inspection. Provide the driver with special guidelines for loading and also unloading your car to the trailer.

• Check the gas tank which must not have in excess of ¼ of gas for cutting down the overall weight of the vehicle.

• Disable the car alarm. If you are not able to do this, provide detailed instructions in writing to the driver of the auto shipping company in case it is required to turn off the car alarm while transporting.

• The side mirrors should be folded in.

• Inspect the official notes of the car shipment driver regarding cosmetic damage while inspecting the car. It is imperative for the driver to notate every single damage prior to the transportation of the vehicle.


Car Transport preparation

Proper preparation will allow you to reduce the risk of any damage to your vehicle while preventing any extra expenses as well. Below, we have mentioned some guidelines on car transport preparation that will come of use to you.


1. Make a note of existing damage

You will be the best person to know about your automobile. You will be the first person to know regarding any dings, dents, and scratches on the car. Recording every single pre-existing damage on the vehicle will make it simpler for you as well as the carrier to recognize new damages in case they happen.

• Wash the car: It will be possible to identify any pre-existing damage by washing the exterior of the vehicle comprehensively.

• Make a note of the damage: Record any pre-existing damage on the vehicle. These notes can be shared and compared with the driver afterward.

• Take photographs: Take pictures of pre-existing damages along with dates. Apart from this, you may also capture photographs of the vehicle from various angles.

• Get the acknowledgment of the driver: Make it a point to share the notes of pre-existing damages with the driver. These damages should be acknowledged by the driver on his inspection report.


2. Get rid of personal as well as aftermarket items

It is not possible for the car transport companies to transport any household item or personal item in the vehicles which are being shipped. Even though some carriers do carry items less than 75 pounds within the trunk space, it is entirely up to you whether you like to place any personal object in the vehicle. Take into consideration the following prior to filling your vehicle with items:

• Damage might occur to items: While they are being transported, the vehicles are not absolutely motionless. Some small movement on the vehicle might be sufficient to damage certain items.

• Transport can be denied by the carrier: In case carriers are of the notion that a vehicle is not ready for shipment due to personal items in it, they can deny transporting the automobile.

• Aftermarket items: It will be a sensible idea to remove custom car stereos, TVs, sound systems, GPS systems, DVD players, and so on from the car unless it is equipped with all these items.

• Antennas: Fully retract or remove antennas.


3. Mechanical inspection has to be performed

It is important to perform a mechanical inspection of the subsequent items:

• Battery: It is important for batteries to remain charged at all times. It will be prudent to replace the battery in case you had to face any previous battery problems.

• Breaks: It is essential for the car to feature a fully functioning braking system.

• Ignition: In case there is any procedure for starting up the vehicle, it should be communicated to the driver.

• Tires: It is imperative for the tires to be inflated fully and they must also roll.

• Gas: The gas tank should not be more than 1/4 full because of weight and safety restrictions.

Auto Transport Tips

1. Make comprehensive research on the carrier

It is important to make sure that the car transport company is trustworthy and professional before booking its services. You can do this by going through customer reviews, visiting their website, and also reviewing the social media outlets. The auto shipper should be evaluated depending on their licensure, experience, as well as insurance. It is imperative for car transport companies to be registered via the Department of Transportation. One can search for this information by performing a search on Google. The car carrier can also be searched on the website of Better Business Bureau.


2. Be cautious of low quotes

A quote calculator is offered by lots of car transport companies on their sites. It is actually a form that is available for free where you need to provide some info for receiving an auto shipping quote. However, all quote calculators are not the same. A form is offered by National Dispatch that does not require any personal info. You are going to be redirected instantaneously for viewing your auto transport rate after submitting it. You must be cautious of companies which quote prices below the industry standards. You might be required to sacrifice quality for saving only a few dollars.


3. Book in advance

Vehicle shipping might require several days or even 1 or 2 weeks which will depend on the services, shipment method, and location. In case you need your vehicle by a particular date, ensure to book car shipping in advance. Preparation will help to make the auto shipping experience a pleasant and smooth one.


4. Safeguard the vehicle

In case you are the owner of any high-value automobile, you might like to request a service which will safeguard your vehicle from the road elements as well as the weather. It is advisable to ship these vehicles by means of an enclosed auto carrier which will provide additional protection.

Best Car Transport Companies in the USA

You will come across quite a few car transport companies in the US at present. Here, we have mentioned some of the most popular ones out there.


1. Easy Auto Ship

This particular auto shipment company is known to provide fast delivery as well as low prices. In fact, it can boast of having some of the most inexpensive rates as well as the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Moreover, it provides remarkable customer service. In spite of being a comparatively recent company, it is one of the most competent auto shipping companies in the US.


• Quick delivery

• Low prices

• Protection for additional damage

• Remarkable customer service


• Comparatively newer company

• Irritating pop-up ads on their website


2. Sherpa Auto Transport

This company was created by an individual who had a poor experience while transporting his vehicle with another shipping company. He took the decision of creating a company featuring outstanding customer service and he succeeded. Although the website of the company can be somewhat frustrating (you will not be able to obtain online quotes plus the chat feature is not with a person, but with a bot), it provides attention to several essential aspects such as cleaning the cars as well as guaranteed prices.


• Outstanding customer service

• Assured quotes

• Helpful perks


• Website is somewhat frustrating


3. Bargain Auto Transport

This auto shipping company is a newcomer which has made a mark in the car transport industry only recently. The car carriers are selected by the auto transport service from a preferred network which will help to ensure that your automobile is properly taken care of. Moreover, this company comes with an inexpensive rate as well.


• Inexpensive rates

• No-cost cargo insurance

• Flawless customer reviews


• An absence of any instant online quote

• Listing fee of $100


4. Montway Auto Transport

This car transport company is noted for shipping in excess of 5 times as many vehicles as the other companies (even though it is comparatively slower). It even reaches Hawaii and Alaska. Apart from this extensive availability, guaranteed pickup dates are also offered by this company. It is likewise noted for its affordable rates. Although GPS tracking is not offered by Montway Auto Transport, customers are of the notion that it deserves special mention because of shipping so many cars.


• Inexpensive prices

• Additional insurance coverage

• Guaranteed pickup dates

• Remarkable customer service

• Service to and from Hawaii and Alaska


• Customer reviews are not that great

• An absence of GPS tracking

• Slow delivery


How can you get a quote?

There are many ways for getting a car shipping quote? You can get it by contacting the company directly, or phoning them up. You also can visit their websites, chat with them and fill up the form and give details and get a suitable quote. There are many online auto shipping quote generators that can also be used.


How important is Insurance?

Yes, insurance is extremely important and therefore you should pay adequate attention to it. Always look for the best insurance quote with the lowest possible premiums and highest possible coverage. Different cars may have different premiums, depending on their class, make, cost and other such things.


Should I go only after low cost transport companies?

While looking for cost effective car shipping solutions is a must, you must not cut corners when it comes to quality, reputation and track record of these shipping companies. Always look for those who have the required experience and expertise apart from being in a position to safely and efficiently transport your car from one city to another or even from one state to another.


How must time will be required for shipping a vehicle?

This is going to depend on the location as well as the destination of the car. Vehicle transports are going to consume a couple of weeks on average. While pickup times can vary from 1 to 3 days, another 5 to 8 days will be required for delivery.


Can items be placed in the vehicles?

The transportation of household commodities in vehicles which are being shipped has been prohibited by the Department of Transportation at present. Personal belongings will not be insured by the insurance of the carrier. A carrier might be fined while your belongings might be confiscated at the time of routine checkups.


Is insurance included by the auto movers in their estimates?

Although some insurance is included by the majority of the vehicle transporters in their basic price, it will be imperative to inquire regarding how much the insurance is and whether more insurance is offered by them at a higher rate. It might also be possible for you to obtain insurance separately.


Is it essential for my vehicle to be in proper working condition?

It depends. While some auto movers offer the facility of moving vehicles which are not in working condition, others don’t. Make certain that your car shipper is aware of your vehicle’s condition.


Is it possible to transport more than one vehicle?

Yes. As a matter of fact, you’ll come across lots of auto shippers who will have your vehicles on trailers along with several other automobiles for at least a part of the trip.



There is little doubt that your car is an expensive possession. Therefore, when it is being transported from one place to another, make sure that you choose the right auto shipping companies. Pay attention to experience, expertise, reliability, proven track record and other such attributes. Transporting cost is important but it cannot be at the cost of quality, safety and efficiency of transportation from one point to another.