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How car transport works in the USA

Convenience and efficiency determine the moving car business. It is somewhat ironic that cars are transported as they are designed and built to be transported by themselves. However, millions of vehicles have to be transported by truck, train, or large ship each year for various reasons.


Consider the regulatory requirements of Ford Motor Co. in North America. Ford has 13 manufacturing plants that produce 2.5 million cars. These cars, trucks, and SUVs must be delivered to 4,000 dealers. These are not random deliveries, like loading a load of paper towels at the supermarket: Distributors require specific vehicles at each production floor. The correct vehicles must be routed correctly through multiple channels for on-time, damage-free deliveries.


Automakers spend billions of dollars on shipping new vehicles to their dealerships, and much of that cost is passed on to consumers through destination fees. These fees are listed on the window decal or Monroney decal for all new vehicles. The manufacturer’s actual cost of transporting a specific vehicle from the assembly plant to the dealer is not included in the selection fee. Instead, automakers use proprietary formulas to find a national average for a specific type of product.

How to get a quote to transport your car

If you already know when and how to transport your car (for example, a top pickup or convertible in the continental United States or a boat abroad), you may be ready to get a cheap car shipping quote. I recommend getting multiple quotes so you can compare offers.



As with most things, one of the most important points in ensuring that you get the best possible car shipping deal is equipping yourself with the right knowledge. Do some research online and ask the vehicle transport companies any questions you may have. Don’t be afraid to be stupid, but do so before asking for a quote for your car’s freight. A fairly quick internet search will show many websites to offer car charging. You should read more than a handful of these sites before considering getting offers for your website.


Start your list.

From the services you have observed, identify all the factors that you consider necessary. Maybe you need door-to-door delivery and would not do anything else. In this case, write it down.


Make the first call.

Now contact as many companies as possible to get a quote. Be sure to inform them of any services you deem necessary. Tell the vehicle shipping company that the list must include door-to-door delivery and that you do not want a list that does not offer this service. When requesting a quote, tell them that you and some friends want your motorcycle charged and that you want a quote on your bike to get an idea of the price. They don’t offer you a volume discount, but they would probably give you a better price to win the largest order.


Compile and discard.

When you receive a good number of offers, list the offers with prices and essential items (including services) for each of your car shipping offers. Now get rid of all the ones that don’t provide the basic services you need. Get rid of it regardless of the sale price; Don’t forget that you cannot do these services without. Then get rid of the outrageously high bid that offers nothing out of the ordinary. Even if they offer something extraordinary, you should also throw it away if it is a luxury. You should get affordable deals that include at least everything you need. Now compare the ones you left behind and eliminate the few that make the least fuss about your efforts. This will provide you with a shortlist of companies that offer similar services for a reasonable amount of money.


If you follow all these steps, you should go for a company that can offer you the best value for money from the deals to ship your car.

Is it possible to ship your car cheaply?

Veteran companies are adept at arranging home and car moves and typically cost you between 0.25 and 0.5 percent of the price of the item being moved. The service includes hiring trained operators, mobility advice, and some offer free packing materials service to protect personal effects. Considering these services, the price is not too high. If you want to know how to get the best deal on auto transportation, you should check your carrier’s types of offers before requesting the service.


Most of what is available for cheap car shipping depends on the weight of the transported items and the distance they need to get to the moving location. Offers include packaging and other required services if required. For comparison, you should always get quotes from three different transportation providers. Common types of quotation marks are not binding and are required.


Regarding the quotation, you need to pay the estimated cost even if the entire shipment’s weight is higher or lower than the estimate. The weight is estimated if the service to be provided is a door-to-door package. Covers items and services included in preliminary estimates.


Non-binding quotes are approximate and generally based on a survey of the listed items. The total amount to pay depends on the actual weight of the items to be moved. In some cases, the final cost is higher than the estimated price. With this type of offer, you don’t have to pay more than 110 percent of the estimated amount. You will also have to pay for additional services not included in the estimate.

Extremely low prices?

You have to be afraid of cheap car transport companies as they may not offer the best service. When choosing a company, I do not recommend that you go down. Instead, preference is given to choosing the company offering the median price. Avoid very cheap car shipping companies or high quotes. Companies that bid extremely low may not offer one or more of the following services:


– Door-to-door car transport and vehicle loading

– Experienced transporters for your vehicle

– Insurance and sponsorship for carrier drivers

– Closed and open car trailers

– Reliable vehicle shipping and transportation

Best Auto Transport Companies

Montway Auto Transport

Unlike uShip, Montway is the de facto charger. And unlike other companies, Montway’s boats are just vehicles. When we put the offer on uShip, Montway was one of the senders who made the offer, and the cheap car shipping prices were in the mid-range at around $ 1,300.


We created the same shipping quote we did for the uShip – 2003 Jeep Wrangler – to and from the same destination. Interestingly, the offer we received directly from Montway was much cheaper than the offer we had on uShip.


This is in an open car carrier. Montway will also show you a price if you want a closed van. We received an additional fee of $ 410 for our trip from Massachusetts to Texas for a closed van. It’s not a bad deal.


Sherpa Car Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport specializes in the clearing, moving birds in the snow, multi-car loading, and delayed transportation. It is also known to ship classic cars, large SUVs, trucks, and vehicles that are no longer operational. The average price to ship a car with a Sherpa is $ 900. However, this number can vary widely depending on the type of vehicle being shipped, the distance it must be transported, the season, and other factors.


If you choose to ship with Sherpa, the initial payment will not be charged until the carrier is insured. Canceling before hiring the carrier will only cost you a $ 25 shipping fee.


Sherpa Auto Transport’s big selling point is the so-called pricing promise. It simply means that the company will not charge you more than what was originally quoted. This practice provides additional security, especially when some shipping costs rise rapidly at other hidden cost companies.



UShip is not the charger. It is a clearinghouse for shipping offers. Think of this as a kayak or rate line for shipping deals. This is good and bad.


The good news is that the web interface works very well. To find out the rates, you must log in with your name, email address, and phone number. Once you do that, you will see quotes from different shipping companies and an instant average of shipping rates, so you know instantly if you are getting a good deal or not. The offers also include reviews for each sender.


The bad news about a freight collector like uShip is the same as with a kayak or price line – if something goes wrong, you need to directly contact the shipper, not the website you booked on. It is not the end of the world you care about, but you should be aware of it.



The eShip is a cheap car transport service thousands of vehicles each year and provides services seven days a week. The company will buy from their freight forwarders to help you find the best prices for the length of time you need, and you can ship everything from motorcycles to exotic cars and trucks. In rare cases, the eShip does not require a deposit before starting the process. However, the company does not offer terminal-to-terminal cargo, which may not be a start for shipping companies.


The company has one of the best insurance policies of any shipping company, and you don’t have to pay any extra for the additional coverage. The eShip will refund the service fee if the order is canceled before hiring the carrier.


These are just five of the top shipping companies that offer car transportation. We chose it in part for its transparency, the services it provides, and customer feedback. However, there may be a local shipper with much better rates, or service offers that you can take advantage of. Therefore, you must do your research to find out what is available to you. You should compare the prices of at least three companies before making a decision.



AmeriFreight works with the largest five percent of the 11,000+ carriers to negotiate the best rate on behalf of the shipper and would not consider a carrier with a quality rating of less than 95 percent for its customers. The company offers a money-back guarantee and ships almost anything from coast to coast. Your car is fully covered by transportation insurance that includes breach protection with the AFta PLAN, so you don’t have to worry about damage.

How to prepare your vehicle for shipping

Wash your car

Before sending a car cross country with a car carrier, the first thing to do is to wash it thoroughly. If you know your “earliest available shipping date,” you’ll need to wash the car before that date. When the exterior of your car is clean, take some time to inspect it and see the following thoroughly:


  • Existing scratches or dents
  • Peeling paint or discoloration


Although rare, scratches and dents can appear during charging. So you have to evaluate what you already have. This damage is much easier to find in a clean car.


Take pictures of any damage present.

When you have identified all the damage, take date-stamped photos for every scratch, dent, peeling paint, etc. These are for your records. So be sure to take clear photos. You can include these photos in your written record so that the carrier or carrier cannot challenge any new dents or potential dents. When you receive your vehicle for shipment, have it ready, so you can easily mark it on the bill of lading (the inspection report that the carrier gave you and that you must sign).


Eliminate valuable products

To reduce the chance of your vehicle shipment being stolen across the country and to make sure your valuables are safe, remove any parking permits or remove any custom products or car accessories such as custom stereos, players DVD, GPS systems, etc. Rate stamps. If you leave the nameplate on the car, you are likely covered for every fee your car goes through. Save yourself unnecessary costs and eliminate them!


If you have a custom alarm system, you will need to remove or disable it. If it is switched off during transport, the truck driver has the right to deactivate it in all possible ways. So be sure to turn it off.


Secure or Remove loose parts.

If there are parts outside of your detachable or loose vehicle, they will need to be secured or removed before your vehicle is shipped across the country. Remove the antenna and place it in the trunk or pull it back. Fold the side mirrors. If you have added a dedicated wing or other parts, it is best to remove them, so they are not damaged or lost during transportation.


Maintenance check before shipment

If your vehicle does not work, you must indicate it at the time of booking. While operating vehicles, make sure you are aware of mechanical problems or leaks. Please inform the truck driver when you receive the vehicle so that they can make the necessary arrangements. Mechanical problems can cause a lot of delays and damage to you and other vehicles.


  • Check all fluids and charge.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated.
  • Make sure the car is fully charged.
  • Take note of any mechanical problems and inform the truck driver of any special steps to take to drive the vehicle in and out of the truck.
  • Mileage check and record


Empty tank

Make sure your gas tank is only 1/4 full. A full tank of fuel increases the weight of your vehicle and its roof rack. Plus, your vehicle is only driven to get in and out of the truck, so no additional gas is required.


You want to make sure you have an extra set of all the keys your car will need. When a truck driver takes your car, you will need the keys to get in and out of the truck. If you don’t have an extra set of keys, be sure to do it beforehand. You don’t want to give the truck driver the only set of keys you have.


By doing so and following each of these steps, your risk of damaging your vehicle will be greatly reduced. Trust Montway Auto Transport to ship your vehicle across the country.

Common FAQs on cheap car transport service

Here are the questions everyone wants to know, plus the answers to help you make a smart decision for yourself.


1. How does Auto transport work?

First, it is important to get quotes from different companies, compare them to find the best rate, and then choose the best company for you. Be sure to call the companies and ask any questions before making your selection.


Once you reserve a means of transport, the company will inform you when your preferred means of transport is available. All of this is something you need to make sure you work carefully with the company you choose.


They will provide you with all the important details on how to move your car once you reserve transportation with them.


2. Is my presence required when I pick up my car?

You or someone you trust to take care of them should be there when you pick up your car. You must sign a “bill of lading.”


This is the verification that the driver performs and reviews before driving his vehicle. This also happens when the vehicle is transported to the new destination.


3. What types of payments are accepted, and how are they paid?

When you book transportation, most carriers charge a small deposit. Once the driver gets his car, the remaining amount will be paid. Most companies accept cash, credit cards, personal checks, or even bank transfers.


4. How many days do you need to move your car before using a transporter?

It is a good idea to reserve your transportation for at least 7-10 days—the more involved with the company, the better for everyone.


5. Is your car insured during transport?

Most companies insure your car during the transfer process. To ensure this, make sure this is one of the questions to ask you when choosing a company.


6. Shipping a car cheap. What are the best options? 

The best way to ship your car cheap – is to use an open trailer and compare quotes from different transport providers/companies. Submit your request at least 1 week in advance of the pickup date – it will help you avoid expedited shipping rates. Don’t pack your car with personal items, some drivers can charge extra for additional weight.