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Puerto Rico Car Transport: All You Need To Know

Are you looking for a Puerto Rico car transport? Do you want to know more about the transport process? If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to cover all the aspects related to shipping cars to Puerto Rico. You can go through the following to get all the required information so that you can smoothly transport your car. There will be some rules for transportation depending on the transport company. Therefore, it is essential to understand the specific considerations of the transport company before hiring one.



Some might ask you to empty your vehicle for shipping. You cannot pack your items in your car. Also, when the car is financed, you might need permission from the bank, and then you can consider shipping. Let’s cover some more details to make it easier for you.

How Car Moving/Transport Work in the USA

You will find different types of car transport services in the US. All of them offer some specific features and benefits to make the shipment safe and fast. There might be some legality while transporting from one state to another. You will have to first inquire about the legalities and then you can consider transporting.


When it comes to road shipping, there will be two options. These are open trailer service and enclosed container service. If you are looking for a less-expensive option, you can go with the open trailer. However, your car will not be covered and will be exposed to weather elements. With a reliable Puerto Rico car transport, you can expect safe driving. If you have a luxury car, you might consider an enclosed container. It will protect your car from weather elements. The downside is the price. You are going to spend more on an enclosed container.


In addition to the transport type, you will have to inquire about delivery options. Some services offer terminal-to-terminal delivery and door-to-door delivery. You will have to spend more on door-to-door delivery. The company will pick your car from your location and deliver it to the destination. When it comes to terminal-to-terminal delivery, they will drop your car at a storage facility. You will have to pick your car from that facility. It can be a good option especially when you will not be available at your place during the delivery.

How to Get a Quote to Move Your Car

You will find many car transport companies for shipping cars to Puerto Rico. You need to consider a reliable and licensed company. They will have the experience of handling luxury cars. Therefore, you can expect safe transport. Instead of focusing on one company, you will have to make a list of few reputed names. Compare the price, availability, and other factors to decide on the most suitable one.


For a quote, you will not face much difficulty. Many companies offer free quotes. All you need to do is to visit their websites. They will ask you to fill a form with some basic and required information. You will have to enter your email id so that they can send you the quote. You can compare the quotes and then choose the one that fits your budget.


How to Ship a Car from Mainland USA to Puerto Rico

For transportation, you will have to follow some processes. It is worth mentioning that all the imported vehicles will be subjected to the excise tax. The import duties and the amount of the tax will be decided depending on your vehicle’s age and type. However, you need to pay not less than five percent of the car’s actual cash value. There is no strict rule for importing older cars. But you need to pay more for registering older cars.


You will have to consider a few factors such as the location, size, age, and the overall condition of the car before planning to transport your vehicle. When it comes to ocean shipment, the transportation will be done from port to port on a ship. The car will be transported from the Jacksonville port, Fl, in the US to the San Juan port, in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Car Transport Companies

As mentioned earlier, you will find many auto transport services for shipping cars to Puerto Rico. However, you will have to always choose reputed names. Consider the service that has a good reputation in the industry. Make sure that the company is appreciated for offering safe transport services. Here are the top three transport services that can make your auto shipping safe, smooth, and fast.


Tote Maritime

You might have come across Tote Maritime while searching for the best transport services. It is highly reputed and known for offering fast and safe transport services in the USA. The company offers twice-weekly services to Puerto Rico and Alaska. It has offices in the Federal Way, Anchorage, Jacksonville, SA Juan, and Puerto Rico. Also, the company operates the first LNG powered containership between Puerto Rico and Jacksonville. It is the first company that offers such a facility. Also, it provides a fleet of roll-on/off cargo ships between Anchorage and Tacoma. Also, you can expect intermodal and overland highway connections. All these improved features make Tote Maritime one of the most preferred choices.


If you want to know more about this car transport company, you can visit their website. They can answer all your queries. They can help you to know more about transportation requirements and other things. They are popular for their excellent customer support and safety features.



Another trustworthy car transport company is Crowley. The company has the expertise to create your car transport plan and ship your vehicle to the destination safely and fast. They offer flexible and safe transport options to help all those who are looking for secure transport for their cars. They have more than 13,000 contracted carriers as well as 1000, 53-foot trailers to create the best possible solution for their customers. You can expect different types of solutions from Crowley that includes logistics, shipping, fuels, and many more.


They have more than 128 years of experience in transporting at Sea. Therefore, you can expect top-notch vessels and skilled personnel to ensure safe and fast delivery. With Crowley, your car will be in competent and safer hands. The industry experience is going to make a difference as well.


Trailer Bridge

Trailer Bridge has an option for all your transport needs. If you want to move your cargo within Puerto Rico, the United States, and the Virgin Islands, they can offer you the best possible solution. They have the expertise to ship all types of vehicles that include less-than-truckload, truckload, NIT, boat, car, or over-dimensional vehicle. They provide integrated logistics and trucking and ocean carriage. All the credit goes to their innovative culture, owner-operators, company-owned assets, and experienced and dedicated employees.


The company will ship a car from/to Puerto Rice. The dedicated team will help you throughout to ensure safe shipping with extra protection. Once you hire this service, you can expect their help in every step during the transport.

How to Get a Car Moving Quote?

As stated earlier, you can get a car moving quote from the website of the transport company. Almost, all the companies can help you with a quote. You need to visit their website and ask for a quote. Once you ask for a quote, they will ask you to enter a few details that include your transport destination, car type, car age, and a few other things related to your car. You will have to contact some licensed and experienced companies for a quote. They will email you the quote.


The transport companies use an auto transport calculator to get the estimate. Some of them might send you the quote in less than thirty seconds. As the process will be automatic, you can get an exact estimation and plan your transport accordingly.


How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Car Moving

Before shipping, you will have to do some preparations to minimize the risk of damage and reduce the end cost. If you hire a reputed and reliable transport company, skilled professionals will handle your vehicle. However, you will have to take the following precautions.


  • Do a thorough inspection to rule out the possibility of fluid leakage
  • Leave a quarter of the gas in your vehicle tank
  • Find out scratches and damages so that you can spot any new damage during the transport
  • Remove all your personal belongings as well as other removable objects

Puerto Rico Car Transport FAQ

How Long Will It Take to Ship a Car?

It might take one to three weeks to ship a car from the US to Puerto Rico. The time will vary depending on the ocean and ground transport.


Can I Bring My Car to Puerto Rico?

There will be some processes that you need to follow while bringing your car to Puerto Rico. Make sure that you are aware of the processes to avoid any last-minute complications.


How Does It Cost?

The average cost for the shipment will range from $1,700 to $3,500.


Do I Need to Hire An Insured Company?

Yes, it will help you to get protection for all the damages done during the shipment.