Best 5 Moving Services Near Me

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Top 5 Moving Services Near Me

Lots of decisions have to be made and lots of work needs to be done when you are about to move a household. And, the first thing that’s decided upon is whether to hire one of the best moving services or not. If you are in no mood to work for the move, you might opt for a professional moving service.

The best moving services near me can handle all kinds of tasks associated with moving. That way, you can relax and watch all the work done without even lifting a finger. This kind of service is a great option for someone who can’t handle the procedures involved in moving.

Although moving services isn’t the cheapest option, the convenience provided by a professional moving company is always worth it. In this guide, you will know everything about what kind of services do these companies provide, how they work, what are the expected costs, and so on.

How household moving companies work

To understand the entire relocation process, you need to know how moving companies work to help your household items shift from one point to another. It isn’t complicated to find out what these companies do in general. In a nutshell, moving services tend to do everything related to your move. Here are they explained in detail.

In-house surveying and supplying the packing materials – The first step involves a complete survey of the household items that need to be transported from point A to point B. It is an important step where the moving company gets an idea about the items to be shifted.

The company provides the necessary packing materials needed to store your belongings so that they can safely reach the destination without hurdle. Hence, you won’t need to make endless trips to the local store for those materials. These may include bubble wrap, paper, packing tape, and boxes. The moving company supplies everything that the move requires. Also, they provide additional padding and furniture blankets.

Packing up your household valuables – Packing is the most time consuming and difficult part of moving. But with a moving company aside, you don’t have to worry about it. The moving company packs up your belongings with the help of trained packers. They will pack all your belongings safely in boxes within a few hours. All the valuable and fragile items such as artwork and glass would be properly secured in packages.

Disassembling the furniture – The moving services ensures that all your heavy and large furniture makes it to the destination in one piece. A part of this may include full or partial furniture disassembly as required.

Loading and unloading – You can leave the heavy lifting tasks to the professionals. When you are done packing your household items, the moving company will load them safely on a truck. Also, it may include all the appliances you are bringing. After arriving at the new destination, they will unload the truck with the utmost caution.

Transporting your packages – Whether you are moving a few blocks away or across the country, long-distance moving services would drive your valuable possessions to the new destination for you. A specific timeframe will be given to you about the arrival of your stuff. As such, you can focus on getting on to the place earlier to accept the shipment.

Unpacking – Moving services not only packs your belongings, but they also unpack for you as well. While you focus on other important tasks related to settling in, the moving company ensures that everything goes to the place where it was supposed to be. All you have to do is guide them and they would handle the task effectively.

Disposing of the packing materials – After moving to the new place, you are left with plenty of cardboard boxes along with other materials like plastic wraps. These things need to be recycled or disposed of properly. The best moving and storage services ensure that everything is disposed of properly.

How much does it cost to move home or apartment within the USA?

If you are thinking about moving soon, you might be worried about the expenses incurred. Knowing the average cost won’t be useful. There could be other moving costs you might face. Keep in mind that not all the moving cost applies to every situation. Costs come with different variables that can make the overall expenses a small or a large one. Here are some of the expenses you may face when moving within the USA.

  • Hiring home moving services – Most people choose between hiring a moving company to move their belongings or rent a truck. Although hiring a moving service is opted by most people, it can be expensive. The average cost of hiring such services can be anywhere from $1250 to $4890 for an in-state and interstate move.

These figures are based on shifting an apartment or home with three bedrooms and above. And, the interstate move is for 1000 miles. When you hire a moving company to shift a big house and moving a long distance, the costs would be higher.

  • Rent a truck – Don’t want to pay for a moving company? In that case, you have to rent a truck and move by yourself. Although it is cheaper than a moving company, it can cost you more than you can think of. The base rate for renting a truck is anywhere between $30 and $50 a day. Some truck renting companies even charge on a per-mile basis. And, for long moves, it can be a huge amount. On top of that, bigger trucks have lower gas mileage.
  • Buying moving supply materials – Certain things like moving containers or cardboard boxes to pack your belongings, bubble wrap, labels, furniture pads, and tape aren’t expensive. But these costs of packaging your belongings add up to your budget. However, you can source some of the items from your near and dear ones. But you have to end up needing more. Also, you need to rent another machine to help move heavy furniture and containers.

How to move your office furniture

Moving offices have their own set of blessings and curses. Wherever you are shifting into, it requires strategic organizing to make sure that the relocation goes smoothly. Hence, to ensure that nothing catches you by surprise hire the best office moving services. Here are some things you need to prepare beforehand to make the moving a nice one.

  • Empty the drawers – This is one of the horrible parts of moving. But you need to clean every filing cabinet and drawers you have in the office. When you keep the contents of the drawers without emptying, it makes the furniture heavy. And, the risk of injury increases. So, from a safety point of view, it is wise to empty the drawers.
  • Unbolt all furniture – Before the professional moving company arrives at your location, unbolt shelving, furniture, cubicle dividers, or joined desks. Now, that would save the moving company’s time to do the same. As such, you can save money.
  • Disassemble the office furniture properly – Make it an effort not to lose bolts, screws, and other important pieces of the furniture. One good idea is to put them all in plastic bags and use tape to secure them completely to where they belong. Because of this, there would be no headache of putting the pieces of furniture together after the relocation.
  • Moving a safe – Although it may appear straightforward, moving a safe needs extra care because of the items inside. Moving a safe is like moving a heavy piece of furniture. It is good to wrap the safe in blankets to avoid any kind of damage not to the safe alone, but the inner walls of the moving van.

for safes weighing over 1000 pounds, you need two or three people around and a dolly. First of all, you have to remove the safe’s door. That’s because the door holds much weight. Lift the safe securely onto the dolly with the help of straps. Load the safe on the moving van.

  • Label everything – Keep in mind that the more specific you are with the labeling process, the better. Suppose, by labeling a cabinet as “Cab1”, you can mark the boxes and its contents accordingly. This way, it could be easier for everyone to know the right boxes for the right cabinet. In the same way, label the large pieces of office furniture so that the moving company knows where they should be placed.

Allied Van Lines

Top 5 biggest moving companies in the USA:

To help you make the right decision for the best moving company, here are the 5 biggest moving companies in the US.

1. Allied Van Lines – Dubbed as one of the best long-distance movers in the US, Allied Van Lines is considered one of the biggest moving networks in the world. Also, it partners with lots of local moving companies and meets your moving requirements. The company has responsive consumer service agents.

Every time a person reaches out to Allied Van Lines, their representatives try to answer the queries quickly and thoroughly. Moreover, the company staff is easy to work with. The in-home estimates were perfect and many people loved their services as evident from the online reviews.

An in-home quote is a great way to tell whether a company is trying to impress you for a sale. Watch out if they are pressuring hard to take their services, or does the quote appear to be lower. If you want a great in-home moving quote experience, a variety of moving services, and an amazing consumer support system, Allied Van Lines is the way to go.

Pros –

  • Excellent in-home moving quote experience
  • Prompt consumer service support system
  • Transparency in pricing

Cons –

  • No option for affordable storage intended for smaller loads
  • The guaranteed prices are sometimes not guaranteed

American Van Lines

American Van Lines – Whether you need full-service moving, auto-shipment, or storage services, American Van Lines handles every aspect of your move. Apart from all these services, AVL is dedicated to fair pricing and consumer satisfaction. Also, it uses a pricing system so that anyone can know exactly what they are going to pay.

American Van Lines has flat-rate pricing. It means the company doesn’t charge you hourly. It doesn’t even charge extra for fuel or mileage. After the moving company gets the list of your belongings and knows where to move them, it calculates a flat estimate for the move.

The estimate depends on the shipment weight and how many days will it need to reach from one point to another one. You may find online moving quotes conveniently, but they are not always accurate. On many occasions, the final pricing increases. Flat-rate makes sure that your binding estimate accurately predicts the cost you have to pay.

Moreover, you don’t have to pay extra if it takes more time to load. With an hourly-charging company, you have to pay more for their services. Pricing is a nice perk, but sometimes the reputation of the company can be downsized by a poor consumer service system. However, this is not the case with American Van Lines.

The company has a good track record in the field of consumer support system. AVLs moving services are appreciated by many people and it has one of the best long-distance moving services you can get.

Pros –

  • Background checked moving staff
  • Flat-rate pricing
  • Certified moving company
  • Binding estimates

Cons –

  • Absence of online quotes
  • Regular phone calls

International Van Line

International Van Lines – IVL is both a carrier and a moving broker that works in association with more than 3000 partners across the world. International Van Lines has amazing services that range from piano transport to motorcycle hauling to full-service packing. The company can handle both interstate and local moving.

Because they are both a moving carrier and broker, International Van Lines provides a lot of services you want while giving a personal touch. Apart from the full-service moves, IVL provides other services that most of the moving companies don’t give. Some of them are as follows.

  • Debris and junk removal
  • Home cleaning
  • Custom crating
  • Short and long-term storage facilities
  • Boat transport
  • Auto-shipping

All the aforementioned services are available anywhere within the US. Even if the company’s staff can’t provide you the services in your area, the Company’s wide network makes it possible to outsource the service in that area. So, it doesn’t matter where you are moving to and from, IVL can handle the task with ease.

As you know one of the pain points in moving services is pricing. IVL solves this problem by highlighting everything that goes into the quote right from the cost of bulkier items to each flight of stairs. That way, it helps to build a strong relationship between the consumer and the company. Also, it helps you in budgeting.

International Van Lines provides a discount of about 10%on every move to older adults and veterans. So, whether you are enjoying your retired life or have served the country in the past or both, let the representative from the Company know that. It saves you a few bucks on the final bill.

Pros –

  • Available worldwide
  • Debris and trash removal service
  • Long and short-term storage options
  • Great consumer support system

Cons –

  • Upfront deposit of around 25%
  • Above-average pricing
  • Moving services showing up late sometimes


PODS – Different from most of the moving companies, PODS can be categorized as a moving and storage company. When you hire them, you need to pack the pods by yourself. Next, PODS picks up the container and delivers it to your new destination. That makes PODS a bit more DIY than opting for a full-service moving company.

Although a moving service with storage containers takes much time and effort on your part, it saves you thousands of dollars through the moving process. As such, it makes a great choice if you are planning to move on a tight budget.

In short, PODS is more affordable compared to other movers. Moving prices are contextual and depend on many factors. As such, it makes it hard to compare the pricing from different companies. However, PODS costs more in terms of per container than other movers providing the same service.

But, when you break down the prices to per cubic foot, PODS provides more space for your money. You can find most of the container moving companies provides a single size option. And, most of them are even smaller than the smallest containers found at PODS. The wide selection found at PODS is perfect for budget hunters because it means more space for less money.

Pros –

  • Great storage services
  • Weatherproof containers
  • Loading and packing assistance available
  • Short and long-distance moves
  • Located in almost every State

Cons –

  • A phone call is needed to finalize the quote

North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines – With an industry experience of around 90 years, North American Van Lines is a full-service moving company that can get your belongings smoothly and safely from one point to another within a stipulated timeframe. Also, it is one of the country’s biggest fleet that has an association with more than 500 local movers.

What’s interesting about this moving service is that the company allows you to personalize your move. From furniture reassembly and disassembly to appliance reconnection and disconnection to fragile-only and full-service packing, North American Van Lines provides you with the best moving services you can’t find anywhere.

It means you can choose moving services depending upon how much you can afford to spare. If money is not an issue, you can opt for a full-service and have the moving staff pack and load your belongings for you. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can have the Company pack only the most fragile items.

The Company makes it clear which services need to be included in the final cost of the move. For example, full-service moving is charged extra. Also, you can request help after you have arrived at your new destination. With this kind of freedom, there is no doubt that North American Van Lines is considerable and flexible to the needs of their consumers.

Pros –

  • GPS for tracking shipment
  • Amazing moving resources
  • A large network of moving agents for local moving services
  • Quick moving quotes

Cons –

  • Mediocre consumer support system
  • Reports of furniture being broken during transit

How to get a moving quote?

Getting a moving quote from different moving companies is a breeze. All you need to do is choose a company and enquire about their home moving services. Also, you need to provide them some important details such as when, where and what are you moving to.

Depending on the size of the belongings and the distance to be traveled, you would be provided with a moving quote. Most of the moving companies provide you with moving quotes free of cost. Get quotes from a few moving companies. Next, compare the quotes to find the one suitable for your needs.

Although you can get moving quotes online or over the phone. But to have the most accurate quote from a moving service, look out for one who sends a person to your location for inspection. If it is interstate moving, make sure your mover follows the regulations issued by the Federal Carrier Safety Administration, US.

Hiring a professional moving company can cost you around a few thousand dollars. Also, it depends on the company you are planning to hire and how far do you need the furniture moving services. Therefore, to avoid an unrealistic bill, it is better to get an estimate before opting for a moving company. This way, you can have a clear understanding of what to expect from the services.

Moving Tips

Try to manage some time to familiarize with these moving tips so that it can set the road for your smooth move.

1. Make a checklist – A moving checklist is like a timeline. And, everyone’s checklist will appear in a different way depending on how much importance is given to the move. Making a checklist helps you organize your move.

2. Send out notices, if there are any – It is important to let other people know that you are moving. Some loose ends need to be tied up before you move to a new destination. Decide on how and when you would accomplish those tasks.

3. Declutter to pack less – Lighten your workload and stress by decluttering before entering the packaging stage. Figure out what to donate, sell, or toss. Don’t take anything that you won’t use.

4. Use a different color label for your packing – Make use of masking tape with different colors to give each room a separate color. Next, label the contents in each box with the color representing the room. This moving tip saves you lots of time for the future.

5. Never overpack – One common mistake everyone makes is to cram all the belongings into fewer cardboard boxes they have around. Remember that heavy boxes are not convenient to carry.

6. Pack these items somewhere else – It is crucial to consider what kind of items are going in the moving van or truck. Certain things could be hazardous during transit. Hence, it is better to dispose of them or take them separately before moving. Some of the items include auto batteries, ammonia, fire extinguishers, paints, and so on.

7. Make a game plan for the moving day – To prevent any kind of confusion on moving day, ensure someone is there to direct. The person should guide which items have to be moved first and which can be loaded last. This saves you time and money.

8. Don’t rush into things – Although it appears counter-intuitive, but moving means you need to invest some amount of time. If you throw things inside the truck something may get broken or damaged.

Moving FAQ

1. When is it expensive to move to?

Summer months are considered to be the busiest time for moving. Hence, if you are planning to shift to a different location from May to September, get ready to pay higher prices for moving services. If there is no way and you need to make the move, try to aim for a mid-week or a mid-month. Demand for moving services is always higher during the weekends, and at the starting and end of the month.

2. How can I check the moving Company’s DOT number?

The process is very simple. Interstate moving service providers need to have a US DOT number. If you want to check the DOT number, all you need to do is enter the number into the FMCSAs website search engine. You can find it under the “Search Movers & Complaint History” tab on the website. The search shows the registered company’s history.

3. What’s included in a full-service moving company?

If you are looking for a moving company to handle your belongings from start to end, a full-service moving company is a way to go. The term �full-service’ means the staff of the moving company would come to your house, load your household items, drive them to your new home, and unload your belongings. Such type of companies provides additional services such as reassembling furniture, disassembling furniture, unpacking, and packing. Full-service is intended for people who have decided to move at the last minute.

4. How do I know if the company is legit?

Before you decide to hire a moving company ensure that they are properly insured and licensed. All the interstate moving companies need to register with the government. And, you can find them under the US DOT system. However, local movers are guided by the jurisdiction of the State. Therefore, make sure that the moving company is legit. Apart from that, make sure that they are licensed. It is wise to check their profile on BBB (Better Business Bureau).

5. Do moving services provide discounts?

Yes, many moving service companies provide their consumers with decent discounts. In general, the discounts are mainly for AAA members of the company along with former can current members of the US military. If you fall into this category, it can save you a lot.

6. What can I find in a mover’s quote?

When you are opting for a long-distance moving service, the estimate should include the complete information of the mover, miles traveled, tariff, estimated weight, minimum weight, service fees, storage charges, fuel surcharges, transportation charges, accessorial services, and insurance surcharges.

7. Can I cut back on the costs while hiring a moving company?

There is no question that hiring a company for moving would cost you a decent amount of money. However, they are different ways of cutting back on costs while you are hiring a professional moving company. First of all, it is good to inquire about the available discounts. Also, many companies provide discounts to retired personnel and military officials. The second way to reduce costs is to pack your belongings on your own instead of hiring a professional moving service provider. The third way is to choose a suitable date for the move associated with a much lower rate. It is good to avoid the summer months and opt for a season when the demand is the lowest. The fourth way to cut costs is to get rid of belongings that you don’t need further. Keep in mind that the heavier your items are, then it would cost you more money.

8. How can I pack my waterbed?

If you want to take waterbeds, make sure you drain them completely. Fiber-filled waterbeds have to be vacuum-cleaned professionally well in advance from the date of moving.


If you would like to dodge the hassle of preparing your belongings, loading them to the truck, driving to your destination, and finally unloading the same, professional moving services near me is the best way to go. They’ll take care of everything and all your possessions would reach their destination without hurdles. However, if you still want to move your household DIY-style, you can do that. That way, it can make your journey fun and budget-friendly.