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Transporting Your Vehicle to/from Alabama

Your automobile can be considered to be amongst the most essential possessions, and therefore, a lot of individuals take their vehicles along with them while moving. Many of them take their cars along with them on vacations too. It does not matter whether you are going for a long vacation or traveling across the country, you will have a number of options for shipping your vehicle. The initial option will be to drive the car on your own while spending a considerable amount of time in unknown conditions on the road and adding additional wear and tear to the car.


Otherwise, you can hire a car transport service which will allow you to organize the pickup as well as a drop-off for your automobile according to your own convenience. There are several crucial advantages to take into consideration while making use of car transport services out there. Apart from helping you to save your precious time that will be spent in planning a road trip, it will also make certain that your automobile reaches the destination safely and within a short span of time.


It is a fact that the majority of the residences in the state of Alabama have cars and it is not an easy job to transport those vehicles between different cities in Alabama. In such cases, the best option will be to hire a reliable Alabama car shipping company. The reason for this is that any reliable Alabama car transport company is quite experienced and can boast of having the required manpower and equipment for handling complicated car transport jobs.


Some Basic Information about Alabama

Alabama is actually a state which is situated in the southeastern part of the US. It is bordered by Georgia in the East, the Gulf of Mexico and Florida in the South, Tennessee in the North, and Mississippi in the West. It is the 30th biggest state in the USA in terms of area and the 24th most populous state in the country. Moreover, Alabama consists of approximately 1500 miles of inland waterways.


Alabama has been nicknamed the Yellowhammer State and it is also referred to as the “Cotton State” as well as the “Heart of Dixie”. The longleaf pine is considered to be the state tree while Camellia is the state flower. The capital of Alabama is Montgomery. Birmingham is the biggest city when it comes to population and Huntsville is the biggest city in terms of land area. Mobile is the oldest city which was founded in the year 1702 by French colonists as French Louisiana’s capital. Greater Birmingham is the biggest urban economy in the state of Alabama as well as the most populous urban region plus economic center.


Driving conditions of Alabama

Alabama is quite developed when it comes to infrastructure and the roads and highways are reasonably good across the state except for some obstacles in some areas. Therefore, in case you’d like to ship your vehicle, it will be possible for you to do so without any risk of damaging the vehicle.

Largest Cities in Alabama

1. Birmingham

As mentioned earlier, Birmingham is the biggest city in Alabama and is situated in the North Central part. It can boast of having a population of over 200,000. The city was founded in the year 1871 when 3 towns merged together. Historically, Birmingham owes its development to the steel industry of the city which plays an important role in the city’s economy. The economy of Birmingham had been transformed during the 70s and 80s by investments in biotechnology and medical research. At present, Birmingham is a leading banking hub plus engineering and construction companies likewise thrive here. In a nutshell, Birmingham can be considered to be Alabama’s central hub.


2. Montgomery

Having a population of approximately 200,000, Montgomery is the second most populated city in Alabama. It is likewise Alabama’s state capital as well as the county seat of Montgomery County. It is situated beside the Alabama River and had been formed by the merging of 2 towns in the year 1819. The central location of Montgomery in the Black Belt of Alabama has allowed it to become a processing center for different types of commodity crops including soybeans, peanuts, and cotton. Montgomery is actually a regional distribution hub for various types of industries thanks to its advanced transport infrastructure which includes far-reaching railway connections.


3. Mobile

This one is the third biggest city in Alabama and is situated in Mobile County in the state’s southwestern part. Mobile is likewise the largest city on the Gulf Coast between the major cities of New Orleans located in Louisiana and St. Petersburg located in Florida. Mobile covers approximately 180 square miles and in excess of 40 square miles is actually water. It has a population of approximately 190,000 individuals with more than 400,000 in the encircling Metropolitan region. Situated on the banks of the Mobile River, the city is the only port city in the state. The port of the city is responsible for its economic development and is amongst the largest ports in the US at present.

How does Alabama car transport work?

The process of car transport begins with contact from a prospective client in the initial stages. At the time of the initial conversation, several essential details will be required by the vehicle transport representative including:


• Starting point

• Final destination

• Details regarding the vehicle such as the year, make, color, estimated value, and model

• Handling instructions

• Who is going to receive the automobile


A quote will be issued by the vehicle transport company for services depending on these details. An agreement will be signed between both parties provided the customer gives his consent.


A representative from the vehicle shipping company will be arriving on the pickup date for acquiring the automobile in question. On some occasions, a car is going to be picked up by a contract carrier with instructions of delivering it to the shipment company. On other occasions, the carrier traveling to your residence is going to be the same transporter for making the delivery.


However, the delivery might be delayed by the car transport companies until there are a number of cars going in the same route.


During transit, it will be feasible for the car owners to track the movement of their vehicles during the process of delivery. Once the car arrives at its destination eventually, it is important for an authorized party to be present for accepting the delivery. The receiver has to inspect the entire vehicle for damage before the conclusion of the delivery process. Once the vehicle has succeeded in passing the inspection, the payment is going to be made and this will complete the auto transport process.

How to get a quote to transport your car?

It will be possible to obtain a quote for transporting your vehicle in several ways. You will be able to get the cost of transporting a vehicle online by means of the official website of the shipping company or you can simply call them. Nevertheless, in case you’d like your vehicle to be picked up earlier than usual then inform them beforehand.

The best Alabama car transport companies

1. Sherpa

This particular car transport company is noted for offering top-quality customer service for all types of vehicles ranging from snowbird routes to cross-country shipments. The innovative Price Lock Promise feature of this company helps to make sure that the quote received by you will be the amount you pay after the delivery of your automobile. This company offers door-to-door delivery as well as insurance in every single transport, and it will enable you to personalize the shipment by choosing a closed or open carrier. The company is insured, licensed, as well as bonded.


The Clean Car Guarantee feature of this company enables the customers to spend as much as $20 for getting their vehicles washed after delivery. Sherpa is known to transport cars, vans, trucks, classic cars, SUVs, as well as non-operational cars. It also provides several lucrative discounts for students, military, snowbirds, repeat customers, and seniors.


2. Bargain Auto Transport

This vehicle shipment company is well known for its Choose Your Price feature. Experienced brokers at this company will be working with you for selecting a price to offer carriers. It is possible to make one more offer in case the price is not accepted initially.


This company provides the facility of door-to-door shipment with open as well as enclosed transport to all the adjoining states. However, Bargain is not going to transport boats or motorcycles, and it only ships traditional vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, and cars.


3. AmeriFreight

AmeriFreight has the reputation of transporting vehicles to 48 adjoining states, Canada, as well as a few international locations. Apart from cars, the company also transports motorcycles, boats, trailers, and RVs. It is known to provide door-to-door shipment plus enclosed-carrier transport. AmeriFreight likewise provides discounts to senior citizens, students, return clients, as well as those transporting more than one vehicle. The website of the company will feature a calculator which will allow you to get an accurate estimate of its prices.



Although an Alabama car transport company can appear to be quite beneficial to you, it has got its own pros and cons. These advantages and disadvantages will play an important role in choosing the most competent shipment service for your car. However, it will be a sensible idea to go online and look at the reviews from the previous customers as well.