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Alaska Car Shipping - Facts You Need to Know

If you plan to move your car from US Mainland to Alaska, then some important aspects are essential to consider for the move. If your car handles winter sufficiently well, then it is more convenient to move. It is better than purchasing a new one after reaching Alaska or Mainland.


There are two popular choices to auto shipping to Alaska. Either you drive your car or hire a car/auto shipping company to do the work for you. As mentioned, the professionals shall pick and drop your car from the start destination to the final destination. You can also pick your car from the airport (destination) and drive it yourself.

Alaska and its driving conditions

Alaska is a northwestern extreme US state on the West coast. It is located across the Bering Strait. It forms a boundary between British Columbia and Yukon territory. It is the largest state by area in the USA and the 7th largest world’s subnational division. About 50 percent of the Alaskan population resides in the Anchorage metro region. The second largest being Juneau in Alaska. This US state is the smallest in the state economy but has the highest per capita income. This is because of its richness of natural gas, fishing, and oil. The state offers parks, national forests, tourism, and US armed forces.


Driving conditions

For driving to Alaska, you have to take a highway that offers you a scenic view with gorgeous surroundings.


  • The Alaska-Canada or Alcan Highway-This was built for supplies transport for the US army during WWII. The Alaskan-Canada route begins in Dawson Creek of British Columbia. The roadway is paved with some gravel stretches where repair work is taken up. You will reach Anchorage or Fairbanks through this route.
  • The Trans-Canada or Transcan Highway-Coming from east of US, Transcan route offers the optimum time to enjoy the Canadian wilderness. The highway is about 4,860 miles to BC from Newfoundland.
  • 37 BC Highway or The Stewart-Cassiar roadway-It is an alternative and an off-beaten route via BC that offers the best scenic views along your journey.
  • The Alaska Marine Highway-This is also the shortest Alaskan route with marine setting and highway scenery. The trip begins in Bellingham, WA. It is a ferry trip.


While driving, it is recommended to carry warm clothing, food, and sufficient water. You need some cash in hand in US dollars. The weather in Alaska can go past -52 deg F within Tok. October to April months are very cold in Alaska. So, take sufficient care to shield yourself from the cold.

Largest Cities in Alaska

Anchorage-Anchorage is a consolidated borough-city in Alaska. It lies on the US West Coast. More than half of the Alaskan population is present here. It is a metropolitan area that stretches to 4,420 km2 land area. It is also the 4th largest in the USA by area. The Chugach State Park lies here. It is equidistant from Tokyo and New York City.


Juneau- Juneau of Borough of Juneau is Alaska’s capital. It is situated in the Alaskan panhandle and Gastineau channel. It is the second-largest in the US by area. Downtown is based on Mount Juneau base. There are no roads that link this city to other parts of Alaska. This is because of its rugged terrain. Juneau has a governor’s office and the state legislature.


Fairbanks- It is a north-star borough and a home city. It is the largest in the interior Alaskan region. It has the University of Alaska that founded the Alaskan system.

Alaska Car Transport- How does it work?

Some advantages of professional Alaska car shipping

Affordable- Driving your vehicle yourself may appear cheaper to you. However, considering the lodging and gas price along with driving tediousness with its wear and tear, car shipping will be more reasonable.


Simple to relocate- Relocating your car lessens your other burdens of relocation. Nonetheless, some pre-preparation and plenty of moving parts are involved in relocating a car. Let the professional do that work for you while you handle other important stuff to Alaska.


Lesser stress on a car- Alaska is about 500 miles from Mainland. This can be hectic and put stress on your car with some good miles over it. Alaska car transport will save you some time, wear and tear on the car and make the moving job easier on you and your car.


Professional handling-You may feel it’s unnecessary to keep your car under total strangers control. However, several cars are handled by professionals and so you are not alone. However, doing sufficient research on the car shipping company prior to handing them your car is a big plus. It will give you confidence and sufficient care for your car.


Avoiding the load- When professionals handle your car, it prohibits any stuff inside the car. So, you may lose that space when shipping. However, this also avoids overloading the car space making your car burdened or missing your things.


How does it work?


Alaskan car shipping companies specialize in different car shipping for you efficiently and safely. They transport with utmost care according to their customer requirement.


Before heading to finalize a car company, do ample research and shortlist at least three companies that suit your requirements.


The process of auto transport includes:


  • Initial contact- After some research, you shortlist some companies and start contacting them for the required details. The company will ask you some details such as beginning and destination location, car details, who receives the car and handling instructions.
  • Getting a quote- Once the details are given, a price quote is issued.
  • Compare the quotes- You can compare different price quotes and finalize the one suiting your budget and other requirements.
  • Contract- Once you finalize your auto transportation company, you get into a contract with them after clearing all your other doubts and clarifications.
  • Pick-up- The company will send a representative on the set pick-up date to acquire the car that needs moving. All the instructions are revised, and then the vehicle is taken.
  • Tracking- During the moving/shipping, you can track the vehicle and its location.
  • Arrival and delivery- Once it is about to reach the destination, you are intimated about its arrival. Delivery is then made to the authorized person. You can then inspect the shipped vehicle for its appropriate condition. After the inspection is passed, the payment is made, and the delivery is complete.



The vehicle owner is responsible for vehicle insurance. The car shipping company will also give you a chance to get insurance during transit. You can consider the insurance depending on your requirements.

How to get a quote to transport your car?

Each car shipping company assess its price based on different factors such as where, how, and when the car should be shipped. When getting an online quote or a direct quote, you have to furnish the car’s year, make, model, time frame, location of pick-up and destination, and so on.


The following details are required for getting a quote:

  • Pick-up date
  • Drop-off date
  • City of origin and destination
  • Enclosed or Open carrier
  • Car make, year, type, and model
  • Condition of the car


You can get a quote for an auto transportation company through:


  • Online quote generator
  • Instant quote through email
  • Instant quote through telephone


Factors that affect the quote are:


  • Car make, year, type, and model
  • Distance of travel
  • Type of Transport
  • Location
  • Seasonality
  • Terminal or Door-to-door
  • Time frame
  • Condition of the vehicle
  • Expedited car shipping

Best Alaska Auto Transport Companies

Alaska Auto Transport

This is an Alaskan owned transport company that is reasonably priced with no deposit required on shipments that are northbound. Their main office is situated in Anchorage, AK, and their satellite office close to Kent, WA. Your shipment is made hassle-free and smooth for you. They have various options and shipments all year round. No worries about any hidden fees. Their friendly and experienced staff is always ready to serve you. Get a reasonable quote by giving all your details online or by phone.



Matson is the US operated and owned Transportation Company that has its headquarters in Honolulu in Hawaii. It is a Pacific shipping leader and a Matson Navigation subsidiary. It provides auto terminal shipping services on the USA west coast. They have 8 terminal facilities. The logistics are controlled and well managed. Auto-shipping is reasonable, safe, and trustworthy.


Alaska Car Transport

Alaska Car Transport ships your vehicle from and to Alaska cost-effectively. It is made easy and efficient by the expertise that they have attained over the years. Be it SUV, car, motorcycle, or truck, you can ship with them. They are top-rated, customizable, offer optimum vehicle protection, enclosed shipping, with round the clock tracking, and affordable.



RCG auto provides direct shipping of the car to Anchorage in Alaska. They transport any type of car from oversized, special, and even which do not operate. Their services are hassle-free, easy, and affordable. They deliver door to door, pick and drop anywhere in the continental US, with full liability shield and with personal items to 200 lbs along with the vehicle.



Alaskan car shipping will make your car relocation very easy and convenient for you. It is affordable, personalized, reliable, and with round the clock customer support. Do ample research to finalize your Alaska car transport company by comparing quotes from at least 3 of them. Finalize and document appropriately to make your car moving safe and hassle-free.