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Planning To Ship Your Car to or from California?

Relocating from one city to another is becoming quite common these days. The reasons for this are aplenty. The most common reason for relocating is of course for better jobs, better business opportunities and improved career opportunities. While there is no doubt that relocating to another destination if exciting and full of opportunities, there are also challenges. There are many loose ends that need to be tied up and transporting and shipping belongings from the existing city to the new place is indeed a challenge.

Whether you are single or whether you are a family member, you have to spend time and effort in identifying the right shipping companies. Most people who are planning to relocate have cars. Therefore, if you are from California and are keen on shipping your car, you certainly need to take the help and assistance of professional California car shipping companies. They know the job well and will be able to do a good job of it.

However, before hiring them there are a few more things that you must bear in mind. You should have some basic idea about the topography of California, the possible road conditions that you may have to contend with, the overall driving conditions and what are the things you must keep in mind while selecting the right California car transport company. Getting the right quote is vital and we also share some tips that could help you to get a competitive but effective quote from the right service provider. Finally, we also will share some brief information about three quality car shipping companies in California. On the whole, we are confident that the information shared below will be useful in more ways than one.

Some Basic Information about California

California is located in the Western Part of the USA. It is the third largest state in the country in terms of size and has a total area of around 164,000 miles or roughly around 424,000 kilometers. It has the distinction of being the most populous state in the country with a population of 39.5 million. The capital city is Sacramento, but there are also some other major cities that are perhaps bigger and more important than the capital city. They include Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego amongst others. There are also other big cities but it may not be possible to cover each one of them in this article. We will look briefly at the above three cities because quite a bit of relocation happens in these cities because of jobs, career and other such options. The weather is also quite good in these three cities.

California has a well-developed road infrastructure and it is not too difficult to move from one end of the state to another. Yes, it does take time because of the size of the state. On the whole the roads are quite good except for some rough patches here and there. Car shipping should not be a problem provided you are able to choose the right professionals with the right track record, experience and expertise.

Largest Cities in CA

A Look at 3 Important Cities

Los Angeles: Los Angeles also known as L.A is the largest city in California and has a population or around 4 million. It also happens to be the second most populated city in the USA, after New York City. It is famous for its Mediterranean Climate, huge job and business opportunities and the cosmopolitan atmosphere that it offers. The city is spread over a vast area of around 469 square miles and therefore is a huge city both in geographical size and population. The city is quite well-developed and is also home to many Hollywood stars and other celebrities. Hence, it is a city that attracts many career and job seekers.

San Francisco: Compared to Los Angeles, there is no doubt that San Francisco is a much smaller city both in terms of size and population. However, it is often referred to as the financial, cultural and commercial center of Northern California. It houses some of the biggest multinational companies and some of the biggest software and internet giants have made San Francisco their home. It is therefore quite obvious that the city attracts many tourists, job seekers and businesspersons not only from different parts of the country but also from various other countries of the world.

San Diego: Located around 110 miles to the southeast of Los Angeles, San Diego is also another important city that attracts many job seekers, entrepreneurs, and even others who would like to enjoy the hospitality and other beautiful things that this city offers. The city has a population of 1.43 million and is spread over an area of and is spread over an area of 372 square miles. It is less congested than San Francisco and Los Angeles and that could also be one of the reasons for its popularity amongst those who are planning to relocate.

How Does Car Transport Work?

Every year, thousands of cars are shipped from one end of the state of California to another and therefore it certainly is a big business. If you need to ship your car from one city to another in this state, you must have some idea about the basics of car transportation or car shipping. As a prospective customer, you can call the car transport companies after going through the right due diligence process.

Once you have established contact, the representatives will visit your place and inspect the car. They will then offer a quote and this will cover shipping costs, insurance, loading and unloading charges and other charges as applicable. Before you choose a car shipping company, please make sure that you are clear about their experience and expertise apart from their overall track record. Pay attention to insurance as it is extremely important. If possible have a look at the trucks that will move the cars from one city to another. The trucks should be able to protect the cars from the rigors of covering hundreds of miles and also should be able to protect it from the elements of nature.

How to Get a Quote to Transport Your Car?

If you are keen on getting a quote for your car shipping, you must provide a few basic information. These include the approximate pick up and drop off dates, the city where the car has to be shipped, the city of origin, the make, model, year and type of vehicle, and some reliable and verifiable information about the overall condition of the vehicle (is the car in a running condition?) and so on. You also should let the shipping companies know whether you are looking for an enclosed carrier or open carrier (the former, though a bit expensive, is safer).

You should try and get at least three of four quotes so that you can compare and choose the best of the lot. Always look for quotes that are free from any conditions and without any strings attached. Also have a clear idea about the validity of the offer. Be careful about fine print and other such things.

Transport Companies in California

There are dozens of car and auto shipping companies and we are listing down three of them so that the readers are able to get a general overview about the things to expect when negotiating a deal with a vehicle shipping company.

Nationwide United Auto Transport

They are considered to be one of the best car shipping companies in California. They are located in Los Angeles. They operate not only within California but also across the entire length and breadth of the country. They have a large size of truck fleets. You could choose between open carriers or closed carriers. Though a few customers feel that they are a bit expensive when compared to others, they have an excellent track record apart from having some great reviews and ratings. They offer the best of packing and take care of insurance and other such mandatory requirements.

Easy Auto Ship

Easy Auto Ship is yet another big name that is popular in California and other western and north-western and central parts of the country. They are technology driven and therefore you can be sure that you will get that extra bit of cutting edge should you choose them. They not only transport cars of various types, sizes, makes and brands but are also into boat transport and transportation of heavy vehicles. Hence, it would not be out of place to mention here that Easy Auto Ship is considered by many customers to be a one-stop solution for all car shipping and transport needs.


If you are looking for a website that is customer friendly and gives an option for the customer to get a quote online, then choosing Ship-a-car-Direct could be a good choice. They offer door to door auto service covering almost the entire state of California. They are BBB accredited company since 2008 and therefore you can be sure about their services, reliability, safety, experience and other such attributes. They have a 5-star rating from most of the customers with a 97% satisfaction rate.


Shipping your car from one part of California to another can be simple and easy. However, this requires having a reasonably clear understanding about the basics of car and vehicle shipping. Further, you also must research as many car shipping companies as possible so that you are able to choose the best out of the lot. We believe that the above information may have helped many readers to get a better insight about the points to be kept in mind while looking for car shipping professionals in California.