Connecticut Auto Transport

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Finding a Reliable Connecticut Car Shipping Company

Connecticut is the US state that offers peace and a slower pace of life, which is ideal for raising families. The serene feeling throughout the state between small towns and cities is something that all families crave. The wholesome living being offered by the state is the biggest reason why most families choose to relocate and ship their cars to Connecticut.

The surrounding areas around the major cities are ideal for exploring with or without family. Get a glimpse of yesteryears by driving through Quaker or find the right city to raise a family. Whatever the purpose, you will need your car to take you around at your own will.

Car Shipping Companies in Connecticut

On the northeast side of the U.S., the states are closer together, which makes the shipping of your car safer and easier. On the other hand, if you wish to move your car outside the Northeast region, Connecticut will feel like the world’s distance away. No matter where you are, any region outside the Northeast will sound and feel like a big feat for your vehicle transport.

However, you can always rely on shipping companies to take care of the business of moving your vehicle. Most shipping companies in the region have professional drivers who will take care of you like their own.

Here are some of the most sought-after car transport companies in Connecticut:

  • Apple Auto Transport

If you want a reliable car shipping company located in East Hartford, Connecticut, look no further. The average moving cost they offer is around $900, which is quite reasonable. As the distance increases, the cost decreases. Choose this company for the fast delivery of your vehicle across the US without any trouble. Since their service is affordable, they are preferred by a lot of people out there. If you want to avoid higher costs associated with luxury auto transport, choose this company.

  • A-AAA Auto Transport, LLC

This company has received really impressive reviews from the customers who have had the experience of using their services for auto transport. Based in Stamford, Connecticut, the company might seem a bit more expensive than others, but its services are totally outclassed. The average service price quoted by A-AAA Auto Transport is $1034. It is an ideal auto transport company for people who are planning to relocate from Connecticut to elsewhere and wish to hail their car to the new location.

  • Enclosed Transport

If you are looking for an enclosed or covered trailer to have your car shipped from Connecticut, choose this company. They are known for transporting luxury vehicles from one place to another and offer superior quality services. They have been in business for nearly 10 years with an impressive customer base. You can get a free quote right away by visiting their website and providing a few details about your journey. The rates might seem a bit on the high side but the service is totally worth the price.

  • Road Runner Auto Transport

A reliable company that has been operating its services for 30 years now, Road Runner Auto Transport is a well-known name in the state of Connecticut. They offer car shipping services for a safe and reliable journey to and from Connecticut to any other state in the US. They pick up your vehicle within 3 days of booking. On their website, you can find all the routes for car shipping to or from Connecticut. You can book their service from any of the major locations in Connecticut including Bridgeport, Stamford, Danbury, and Waterbury.

It is quite simple and easy to get in touch with any of these companies and book a consignment right away. Depending on your car shipping budget and destination, choose a reliable and well-reputed company to avoid troubles later on. It is a good idea to read user reviews before choosing a particular company in order to judge the credibility of a company.

Choosing a Car Shipping Company in Connecticut

If you are thinking of moving your vehicle to Connecticut from any other city across the United States, you will need to keep a few things in mind. Read on to find some useful tips to help you make the right decision.

1. Go for Affordable Means

If you are moving from anywhere near the Northeast zones, there is no sense in paying a ton of money since the distance is not great. Look for a company that charges reasonable rates to ship your car, van, SUV, or even a truck. Car shipping companies should be able to do this safely and timely. Make sure you do your research thoroughly and choose a company that has BBB accredited reviews. You can start your research on auto-transport review websites.

2. Gather Information

You need to have all the pertinent information readily available that is in accordance with the Connecticut automobile shipping. You must be looking for a transaction that is quick and convenient, so for everything to work smoothly, you need all your documents ready. These documents include your driver’s license, a copy of your car insurance, and the title of your car. Getting the documents ready later on will result in delays in the shipment of your vehicle.

3. Look for Depots

A depot is a place where all shipped vehicles are unloaded. Scout your region for the closest or the most convenient depot so you know where you will receive your car. You can also choose to have your car delivered to your doorstep, but that will require extra charges to be paid. In our opinion, it is an added luxury and if you can avoid it, you must. Retrieving your car from the carrier is not a difficult job after all.

If you have plans of traveling the state in the near future, using a vehicle shipping service in Connecticut is your best option. For those who are planning to relocate to the region, it is ideal to ship your car instead of worrying about getting a new one. This will be one thing that you would not need to worry about when you move to a new state.

Shipping Your Car from a Long Distance

When you are moving to Connecticut from a long distance, you can choose a shipping company that carries your car in an open or an enclosed carrier. You can either choose to have your car shipped door to door or from a terminal to another. If you wish to reduce the costs of transport, drive your car to a terminal and opt for an open carrier. You can pick your car from the Connecticut terminal yourself.

However, if you choose convenience over costs, go for a service that picks your car from your door and ships to your new home address. Choose a closed carrier to ensure that your car is protected from extreme weather conditions and other external factors. This will keep your car safe and clean throughout the transit.

International Shipping for Connecticut

If you are moving from another country to Connecticut or going away to another country from the state, you can find several shipping companies that deal with international orders. These companies will charge you extra for clearing through the customs and your car will be transported on a ship. A carrier will pick your car at the harbor when it arrives at the destination country.

Be mindful of additional taxes as some countries impose heavy taxes in order to discourage international car imports. Make sure you are aware of these taxes and duties before deciding on shipping your car internationally. Once you have confirmed all the tax rates and duties you will be liable to pay, call a shipping company and discuss the shipment details. You will be asked to prepare a few documents for international shipping which is a standard followed by all countries.

Cheaper Options for Car Shipping

Shipping your car is not as expensive as one might think. Having all documents prepared ahead of booking transportation can save you a lot of money. Before you decide on a company for shipping your car, make sure you do a background check. Go to the reviews section to understand if there are any hidden costs and charges.

Most shipping companies have low rates for long-distance shipping because of the established channel they have worked through for years. Some companies may have lower rates for international shipping but may charge higher for on-ground shipping. This all depends on their own cost of services in addition to their revenues.

Finally, be aware of scammers and fraudulent companies which may lead to a loss of your car and money. Keep an eye out for unusual rates and poor websites because scammers can be identified easily through these few things.

If you are planning to relocate to or from Connecticut to any other state in the US, choose a reliable auto transport company to ship your car safely and securely. This article presents a guide to find the best car shipping company in Connecticut and then choose one based on your own requirements.