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Delaware Car Transport - Facts You Need to Know

Known as the first of 13 original states to approve of the federal constitution of the United States of America, Delaware is a United States state along the Mid-Atlantic seaboard. It is a small state compared to the other states of the United States. Among the 50 states in the United States Delaware ranks 49th concerning the area. With an area of 2489 square miles, Delaware is considered the smallest state in the United States after Rhode Island. It is very densely populated and ranks 6th in the list of densely populated states of the United States.


Named after the Delaware River, Delaware has its boundaries with the Atlantic Ocean and New Jersey to the East, Maryland to the west and south, and finally Pennsylvania towards the north. The organization of the state is into 3 counties.; New Castle, Sussex, and Kent which were established in 1682. However, the population tends to concentrate towards the northern side near Wilmington. This is also because the major railways and coastal highways pass from New Jersey and Pennsylvania towards the north and east in the direction of Maryland towards the west and south.


Delaware consists of the Delmarva Peninsula towards the northeastern side which is further shared with Virginia and Maryland. Delaware has a direct connection with Pennsylvania main Philadelphia and is connected by direct transport routes. Delaware is called the Chemical capital, credit-card capital, and also the corporate capital of the United States. Delaware specializes in Laws for Liberal Incorporation, and also has a Division for Chancery. This specializes in the most complicated and complex issues of Corporate Finance and Governance. This is the reason Delaware is the hub of Foreign and American Business.


Delaware’s transport system is looked after by the Delaware Department of Transport also known as DelDOT which has its headquarters in Dover, the Capital city. The Delaware Department of Transport manages majorities of the public roadways in the state. Delaware’s railroad passenger line lies between Baltimore and Philadelphia. Wilmington’s port is a very busy port along the Atlantic seaboard and also has a commercial airport which is considered the largest.


The main highway traffic of Delaware is towards Wilmington and the suburban regions that cross Intrastate Crossing the North of Delaware connecting the city of New York, Baltimore, Washington, and Philadelphia. Delaware has very well maintained its streets, bridges, lanes, and highways. The Twin Bridges are jointly maintained by New Jersey and Delaware agencies that are across the River of Delaware.

Delaware Cities and Their Traffic Conditions

Being considered as the Credit Card capital, Corporate Capital, and Chemical Capital of the United States, Delaware is a beautiful place to live in with less population. As the population is so dense in Delaware, the flow of traffic is considerably smooth. There are not too many traffic jams, and the roads are in very good condition. However, being the hub of foreign and American business there is a constant flow of people into the state but the congestion in traffic is not affected by this in most of the areas.



Wilmington is the largest city in the state of Delaware, United States. It is considered the Chemical capital of not only the United States but the world. This is because Wilmington is the research and administrative center of numerous companies and enterprises dealing in chemicals like petrochemicals, nylon, pigments, and pharmaceuticals. After the completion of railroads that connect Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Wilmington, the industrial development became more extensive.


The traffic condition in the city of Wilmington is moderate. The condition of roads is very good and well maintained. Traffic jams happen occasionally in rush hours but are considerably better. Wilmington traffic jams are moving and are usually managed fast.



Dover is the state capital of Delaware and is considered as America’s Longest Serving State Capital. Dover has good trade centers and few industries. It was considered as a town in 1829 and finally became a city in 1929. The two main attractions of Dover are the historic Old State House which is the state capitol building built in Georgian style between 1787 to 1792. The second attraction is the Biggs Museum of American Art.


The general traffic is moderate, and there is a rush of tourists who visit the city to see the biggs museum. This generally does not affect the traffic condition. The main traffic jam in Dover is in A2 gridlock as it is always congested. The traffic is never compromised in the A2 gridlock and the public tends to avoid it.


New Castle

Just six miles from Wilmington, New Castle is a city in Delaware situated on the Delaware River. It is home to numerous beautiful tourist attractions from the First State National Historic Park which has the entire colonial history of Delaware and the New Castle Court House Museum which is the oldest courthouse in the United States are the two most famous sites.


New Castle has congested roads which is generally because of the tourist activities. The traffic jams do not stand still and still keep moving but are generally very slow. The jams also depend on the rush hour but are cleared fast.

Delaware Car Transport

Car transport also known as auto transport and car hauling is a process in which vehicles are transported from one place to another. This is generally done for all types of vehicles like cars and bikes. This process is mainly for overseas transportation, for long distances travels or places which need to be reached by either an air or water route. This is a type of car delivery process which is mostly door to door and is done by professionals. Car transport can be done for and from any part of the world.


How Car Transport Works?

Car transport generally starts with contacting a car transports company. Choose a company only after a good research. You can also check for car hauling software who will find the car transport company for you. Once the company is chosen or finalized to make sure to have a conversation with them which will help you clear all your doubts.


The company will then ask for a few details and documents from you to proceed with the car transport process. The details they will be for are; starting location, final destination, details about your car, car handling specifications, and the receivers’ identity. Once this information is given to them they will then issue a quote for you.


Once they have issued the quote the car transport process starts. Your car will be taken and prepared for the trip. It will then be put into the container of your choice. This will be according to your choice of an open-air or closed container. Once this is done your car will finally be shipped. While in transit you will be able to track your car at all times. On the day of the delivery, your car will be brought to your doorstep.


Once you get your car you need to inspect your car for any damage. If there is any damage cause the hauling company will have to pay for it. Once you have inspected your car you can then proceed with the payment. The car will only be handed over to the receiver mentioned in the issued quote.

How To Receive a Quote?

To receive a quote the company would ask for a few authorized documents:


  • Starting Location
  • Final Destination
  • Details (Color, year, model, estimated value)
  • Handling Instructions (open-air container or Closed container)
  • Receiver’s Identity


Once this information is received by the company they will then issue a quote.

Car Transport Companies in Delaware

Here are a few Delaware car transport companies:


Nationwide Transport Service, Wilmington

This car transport company based in Wilmington is rated 4.5 and considered very good. Managed by professionals this company provides you with insurance, door to door delivery, and also an online quote. This company transports all types of vehicles and is known for its customer service.


BKK Transport, Wilmington

This car transport company has a 5 ranking. It is convenient with very good service. This is managed by professionals and gives you door-to-door delivery. This company operates 24/7 and the customer service helpline is on throughout for any query. This company also provides insurance and accepts payment from all types of mediums.


Hilton Auto Transport, New Castle

This Delaware auto transport company is in business for the last 15 years and is a reputed company. This company transports cars to all-overs in the United States, and even overseas. They provide you with insurance and door to door delivery with revised rates. They are professionals and reviewers to be very safe transporters. They also provide you with discounts and 24/7 customer service.


Choosing a car transports company can be difficult. Rushing without proper knowledge of the company can cause huge damage to your car. So make sure to take time and choose the best car transport company for your car.