Illinois Auto Transport

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Illinois Car Transport - Facts You Need to Know

Known as the Land of Lincoln, Illinois is located in the Great Lake and Midwestern region of the United States. It has the 25th largest area of land and the 6th largest population in the United States. Illinois shares its boundaries with Wisconsin to the north, Kentucky to the south, Missouri to the west, and Indiana to the east. Illinois shares a border with Michigan, but that is only by a Northwestern water boundary in Lake Michigan.

With Springfield as the capital, Illinois is a beautiful place with very fertile agricultural lands. It has mostly flatlands with irregular plain lands towards the northwestern regions. It once had grasslands full of tall grass but now most of it has been converted to farming lands and urban or suburban sprawl lands.

Illinois has a sloping or rolling hill towards its northern side including the highest point of the state. The state’s highest point is the 1,235 feet (376 meters) above sea level known as the Charles Mound. The central and northern black soil regions are extremely rich and fertile for crop cultivation and farming. The black soil regions are considered one of the finest cultivating areas in the world.

Illinois is considered the national transport hub and a lot of vehicles transport from and to Illinois. There are numerous transports available for one single location. It has the most extensive rail network radiating from Chicago. Chicago is also the main commuting center for the rail network of Illinois. It is also called one of the main road system hubs for the nation. The water transportation system also became very efficient when Lake Michigan was connected to the Mississippi river in 1848.

The state’s maintained public roadways are managed by The Illinois Department of Transport also known as the IDOT. In addition, The Illinois Department of Transport also provides funding to the rail system, administrative Fuel Taxes, public transit, airport projects, and many more. Illinois is home to 7 scenic byways among 150 designated scenic byways in the United States.

Illinois is considered the heart of the county’s intrastate highway system. The intrastate highway system is vast and works coast-to-coast which extends to Utah. The intrastate highway covers an approximate distance of 2,185 intrastate miles making Illinois the third-ranking state in the United States. The state highway covers a distance of 15,969 miles with 7,847 bridges. More than 7,200 trucks avail the Illinois highway taking advantage of its highway network.

Illinois Cities and Their Traffic Conditions

Home to 5 international airports and being considered as the transportation hub of the nation, Illinois traffic conditions are not very pleasant. It is congested most of the time and the congestion on the road does not decrease. It has a great digital marketing business and people are coming from all corners of the world each day. This boosts the traffic conditions a lot. The traffic jams are because of the huge number of tourist activities.


Located on Lake Michigan, Chicago is the largest city in Illinois with an area of 616.1 km square. Chicago is officially called the City of Chicago and is famous for its bold architecture and skyscrapers like the world-famous John Hancock Center, which is 1,451-ft. tall.

The Art Institute of Chicago or AIC is one of the greatest attractions and is filled with tourists and art enthusiasts all the time. It is an art museum situated in Grant Park of Chicago, it is home to some of the best collections of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art. In addition, it is also home to some of the greatest American and European decorative art and artworks.

The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the major reasons for heavy traffic in Chicago. A huge number of people come to visit the museum which builds the traffic. In 2019 Chicago was in the position of second-worst road congestion in the country. A study in 2019 found that Chicago automobiles waste an average time of 145 hours waiting in traffic jams.


Springfield is the capital of Illinois and the second-largest city in Illinois in terms of area. This city consists mainly of valleys, plains, and an artificial lake owned by the City Water, Light and Power Company or CWLP. Home to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of The United States. Springfield is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Illinois.

Each year tourists flow in and out of Springfield to witness the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, the Lincoln House, and Lincoln Monument Association. The museum has documents displayed of the war and the Lincoln house shows every detail of his life. The traffic conditions of Springfield are worse than Chicago and have always been that way since 2002. But the traffic jams do not stand still, they tend to move but the congestion remains the same.

Illinois Car Transport

Car transport or auto transport is like packers and movers but the only difference is car transport is associated with cars only. In other words, car transport is the process by which any car or any other vehicle can be transported from one place to another. This is done for locations that are far away.

The transportation takes place via water or air. In Illinois, the car transport process normally takes place via water. Illinois Car transport companies are well versed with the safe handling and maintenance of the car they are delivering and the delivery is done by professionals only.

How Car Transport Works?

Car or any vehicle that we own is very important to us and is an asset. Before we think of Illinois car shipping companies and start choosing them, it is important that we understand the process well. Once we understand the process of how it works it will become easier to choose a company to transport the car.

The process of car transport or auto transport starts with choosing a suitable company for your car to be transported. Once the company is contacted the company will ask for certain personal and card details from you. The details that are generally asked for are; Starting location(location of pick up), final destination(location of delivery), few details about the car (for example., model number, color, year, estimated value), instructions for handling (for example., details of the container, open-air container or closed container), and the name of the receiver who will receive the car at the final destination.

The name of the receiver is very important as the delivery will only be given to that particular receiver at the time of delivery. Once all these details are received by the company, they will then issue a quote which is a type of receipt. After the quote is issued the car will be taken and will be prepared for the travel.

Once the car is prepared for the trip it will be taken to the company’s spot for transport. It will be put into the owner’s desired container open-air or closed container. Normally open-air containers are charged less than the closed air container and the care will be shipped finally. While in transit the owner can track his/her car.

Finally, on the delivery date, the car will be delivered to the designated receiver with the quote. The owner or receiver then needs to check or inspect the car and finally, the payment is done.

How To Get A Quote?

Details required to get a quote are:

  • Starting Location
  • Final Destination
  • Specification of the car (color, model, estimated value, manufacture year)
  • Handling Instruction (container type; open-air or closed container)
  • Name of the receiver (with id proof)

Car Transport Companies in Illinois

Here are few car transport companies with the best ranking and reviews in Illinois:

Chicago Auto Shipping

Chicago Auto Shipping company is considered one of the best with transport destinations all over the united states. They have been in business for the last 20 years with a ranking of 5. They offer you insurance and are trained professionals who give door-to-door delivery.

BKK Transport and Brokerage

Based in Aurora, BKK Transport and Brokerage is a car transport company that operates all over Arizona, California, and Illinois. They are well known for their customer service and are ranked 4.1. They give you a door-to-door delivery facility with insurance and an online quote.

Van 3 Auto Transport

Based in La Grange, this car transport company is fairly priced and has a ranking of 5. They are famous for their delivery and 24/7 customer support. They provide you with insurance and the car is always handled by trained professionals only. They provide a door-to-door delivery and the delivery is considerably fast.

Our vehicles are very dear to us and giving them to somebody absolutely unknown to handle can be a very difficult task. While choosing auto transport can make sure to choose a company wisely because if the car is not handled with care it can cause you a lot of damage that will involve a huge amount of money. Make sure not to rush while making a decision and choose the best transport for your car.