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Things to Know About Iowa Auto Transport

Iowa is the 26th biggest state in the US with Des Moines as the capital city. It extends for an area of 56,272 square miles. The state shares its boundary with Missouri, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Illinois.


Bordered by the beautiful Mississippi, Missouri, and Big Sioux Rivers, the state is located in the midwestern part of the US. It is known mainly for featuring both metropolitan and country lifestyles. In the case of population, it is the 30th most populous US state. The state is also popularly known as the “American Heartland”.


The nearby airport is the Des Moines International Airport. There are many hotels in the state that is always eager to welcome tourists from all over the world. Iowa has been mentioned as one of the safest states in the US to reside in. Presently, the state’s agricultural economy has undergone significant transformations to become a more diversified economy.


Iowa’s primary highway system spreads over 8500 miles. The roads in the early years were very problematic. They were dusty, dirty, and at times, muddy. Gradually, the federal government invested a lot to get the roads paved.


Iowa is connected to the rest of the US by Interstate Highway Systems and the US Highway. This has made national travel convenient and comfortable. Over time, new highway constructions and alterations in the driving habits have made local highways obsolete.

What are some of the biggest cities in Iowa?

Iowa has 99 counties and hosts 947 cities. Among them, some of the biggest cities are:


Des Moines:

Having a total area of 234.8 km2, the capital of Iowa is Des Moines. It is also the administrative center of a county in Florida, named Polk County. A small area of Des Moines is also found in Warren County. The city, previously known as Fort Des Moines, was included on 22nd September 1851. In 1857, the name was simply made Des Moines.


The city gets its name from the Des Moines River. As per the population estimate in 2019, the city has a population of 214,237. It is one of the main centers of the insurance industry of the US.


Cedar Rapids:

Cedar Rapids, the second-largest city of the state, is the administrative seat of Linn County. The city has developed on the banks of the Cedar River. As per the population census of 2010, the population of the city was 126,326.


Situated at the heart of the Interstate 38 corridor, the city is the financial cornerstone of Iowa. Cedar Rapids is notable for being a cultural and artistic center as it is home to many institutions that promote art and culture. The city is popularly known as “City of Five Seasons”.



Situated on the banks of the Mississippi River, Davenport is the administrative center of Scott County. The city of Davenport was founded by Antoine Le Claire on 14th May 1836. She named it after her friend George Davenport. As per the population census of 2019, Davenport had a population of 101,590. It is the third-largest city in Iowa.


The city is located between Des Moines and Chicago. Davenport is a flood-prone as it is located on the Mississippi River. The city of Davenport is notable for being the birthplace of modern chiropractic treatment. The first chiropractic adjustment had taken place here.

Iowa Car Transport

Car transport refers to the transportation of a car or any other motor vehicle on a specially designed truck. Car transport is also known as “Vehicle Transport”. Car transportation services help shipping companies to move their vehicles from one spot to another.


How does Car Transport work?

The process of car transport begins by establishing contact between a prospective client and a car transport company. To initiate the process further, a representative of the auto transport company requires a few details. This includes the starting point, the end location, and the specific details of the car being transported.


Car details will include information about the model of the car, its manufacturer, color, and the estimated value. Along with these, the representative also needs details of the person who would be receiving the car and instructions about how the customer wants the car to be handled. The customers are normally given two choices. They can either choose a closed container or select open-air transport.


After receiving these details, the auto transport company provides a specific quote to the customer. If the customer agrees, then they draw up a contract.


On a predetermined date, a representative from the vehicle transportation company visits the customer’s premises and acquires the car. Sometimes, contract carriers also pick up the car with specific instructions to deliver it to the transport company. At times, the transporter entitled to make the final delivery might also arrive to take the car from its owner.


When in transit, the customers can track the location of their cars. When the car arrives at the end stop, an authorized person needs to accept its delivery. The receiver inspects the vehicle for any sort of damage. After the vehicle passes the inspection successfully, the payment is done and the process of car transport comes to an end.

How to get a quote for Iowa car shipping?

There are many options through which you can request for a car shipping quote. The following are the most common ways:


Quote generator:

An online quote generator is one of the easiest and convenient options for receiving a quote for car shipping. If you want to avoid reading spam emails or receiving unwanted calls, then this is perhaps the best option for you. You just need to enter the car details, the destination and you would receive an estimate instantly.



Do you belong to the category of comparison shopper? Then, multi-quote marketplaces are the best for you. Some of Iowa auto transport companies have a network of multiple automobile carriers. Instead of being stuck with only one option, you can use a marketplace and receive multiple quotes in an instant. This also comes with a disadvantage. You might receive unwanted phone calls and emails from the partner companies.


By Email:

If you want to receive an online copy of your car transportation quote, first, you need to visit the website of a car transport company. Then you will have to fill out a form and furnish the basic information along with your email. Once you are done, you will receive a quote right in your inbox.


By phone:

You can also get an idea of your expense by contacting a transportation company by phone. Most of the car transport companies provide a toll-free number for their customers. You can get in touch with a customer service representative and receive the required information in no time.

What are some of the Iowa car shipping companies?

There are many auto transport companies at the heart of Iowa. Some of them are as follows:


Number 1 Auto Transport:

It is one of the most trusted auto transport companies in Iowa. The auto transport team of this company are experts in the car transporting field and remarkable for providing excellent service to the customers. The company has made car transportation very easy and convenient.


Whether you want to transport a large vehicle to the capital city of Des Moines, or want to get your luxury car transported from Waterloo, Number 1 Auto Transport has the required equipment and experience to get all your transportation needs sorted.


Freedom Auto Transport:

Freedom Auto Transport provides car shipping services in the state of Iowa. The company is reliable and affordable too. If you have a tight budget, then you can surely consider seeking their services. They transport vehicles not only across the state but also across the country. They also ship automobiles to international destinations.


Their team of auto transporters and trained customer service representatives provide a smooth and unique car transportation service. They value their customers as well as their vehicles. They provide both open and enclosed transportation of vehicles. Apart from cars, you can also get your truck, trailer, RV, or SUV transported by them.


AAALL States Auto Transport:

AAALL States Auto Transport is a reliable name when it comes to Iowa auto transport. Trusted by many customers, it provides great shipping services at the most affordable rates. The company follows an easy process to get your car or other vehicle transported to the destination of your choice. It provides fast and accurate quotes for the services.


The best part about this company is that it does not ask the clients to deposit any money before the usage of the services. One of the several reasons why this transportation company receives orders from repeat customers is that it offers a complete solution and ensures that there is no hassle throughout the process of transportation. The company extends its services throughout the country and the prices depend on the starting position, the destination spot as well as the weight of the vehicle.