Kansas Car Shipping

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Kansas Car Shipping

Transporting a vehicle to a different state seems a bit painstaking to the owner, especially if the area you need to transport your car has a difficult terrain. The place we are referring to in this article is Kansas, a state located in the midwestern region of the U.S. known for its strange elevation changes throughout the distance. People looking to haul a vehicle to such an area usually face a lot of problems.


The problems range from rough terrains to weather conditions and much more. If you are a person looking to transport your vehicle to Kansas? You are in the right place as we will discuss related things in more detail.


This article will provide you the details of a few transporting companies that can offer you vehicle hauling services to Kansas State in a suitable package.


To transport a vehicle, you need to reach the River Verdigris by a road that is quite a long route for any driver, and after that, it gets shipped.

Driving Conditions in Kansas

Kansas state referring to the total area adds to the top 20 states in the U.S. Whereas it gets considered less populated in terms of the overall ratio. Less population means there are a lot of empty areas and long routes for car transporters to cover, adding to their disadvantages. The carrier route has some developed cities that are populated, in the south and east regions of the state like Wichita, Kansas City. But most of the neighboring area has no population at all.


Another thing that adds up to the disadvantages faced by car hauling companies is that there is a lack of major highways in the Kansas State. A few interconnected highways are I-335 and I-435. The lack of motorways makes it difficult for car companies to book a carrier for your vehicle at a suitable price, adding up to the overall cost. The route is around 870km that the drivers need to cover. Even if the driver skips sleep, it still takes a whole day to cross this route.


All of these conditions are difficult to tackle even for the car hauling companies, let alone the common man.

Biggest Cities in Kansas


It is the largest city located in the southern region of Kansas State, having an area of almost 430 km² and having a population of about 0.57 million. Wichita is famous for the manufacturing of airplane parts and is also known for its rich history.


Overland Park

Referring to population, Overland Park is the second-largest city located in a suburb of Kansas, namely Johnson County, amassing a total of almost 0.2 million people. It is a place famously known for its farmers, gardening, and botanical facilities.


Kansas City

It is a large area sharing a border with Kansas. Kansas City covers an area of almost 800 km² and is known for its rich culture, musical heritage, and old building facilities.

Car Transport - How Does it Work?

Initially, you need to select a company for your car hauling process. Once you submit the necessary documentation, you need to ensure a proper vehicle checkup and a service. After the checkup, you need to almost empty the fuel tank before handing it over to the transport company driver. Ensure there are no valuables inside the car as they might get damaged. Be sure to turn off the alarm system installed in your vehicle.


Once the driver has come to pick up the vehicle, he will undergo an overall vehicle inspection, after which a lading bill will get signed by both of you. Be sure to keep a copy of the document with you so that you can inspect the vehicle when it gets delivered to you. If there is any damage to the car on delivery, make sure the driver signs the lading bill copy that you possess in order to file a claim. Otherwise, you would not be able to file a claim.

How to get a quote?

You can get a quote to transport your car to or from Kansas by directly going to the companies mentioned below that specialize in Kansas car hauling services. These are the following ways you can achieve a quote:


· Online Quote Generator

There are different quote generators available that take a few details like the zip code of the area the vehicle gets shipped from and the zip code of the place it is going to get shipped. Other information that you need to add to the quote generator is the no. of vehicles you want to transport and the type of transportation you require.


· Through Direct Call

You can get a quote by directly calling the number provided on the website of the car hauling company to avoid any loopholes or misinformation.


· Through Email

You can opt for the option of emailing the company to avoid direct contact if you are not comfortable enough. The customer service team will respond to you with all the details of the quote.

Car Shipping Companies in Kansas

The following are the trusted car hauling companies that are famous for their high-class customer review base:


1 A1 Auto Transport

It contains all the details regarding long and short routes for people to get general know-how of car hauling. Whether you want to transport through an enclosed or open mode transport? A1 Auto Transport is there to help you.


2 Roadrunner Auto Transport

One of the more reliable sources of car hauling services for customers to get entertained. It has an honest rating available on the website for you to get a complete insight into the quality of services Roadrunners Transport provides.


3 Number1 Auto Transport

Number1 Auto Transport has a trusted stream of carrier companies available that are responsible for carrying out a fool-proof car hauling service with time to spare. With different types of transportation modes available, Number1 Auto Transport is right up there amongst the best.


You can visit the aforementioned sites and get to know the details and insights of car hauling to and from Kansas. All these companies have been found to be reliable as they have received good user reviews. However, the rates may vary depending on the services these car transport companies offer and their experience and reputation.

How to Choose the Best Car Shipping Company

The best way to choose a suitable car shipping company for your relocation needs is to compare different shippers. However, it’s not easy to do so because there are hundreds of companies working in all states. It is recommended to shortlist a few companies and then choose the best one among them depending on your budget and other requirements.


Here are a few things to consider when choosing a car shipping company in Kansas:



At times, a company might not be able to offer its services due to a heavy workload. If time is of utmost importance to you, then the first thing to consider is the availability of the shipper. Get in touch with their representative and ask if they will be able to ship your car on the date you specify.


Fast Service

When people want to relocate from one state to another, they don’t want any delays in moving their belongings to the new location. Fast and reliable service is one of the topmost priorities when people look for a car shipper in the US.



Shipping rates vary from company to company but it’s a good idea to get an average rate and then decide if you want to avail the services of an expensive shipper. Moreover, some companies offer discounts on their shipping services that allow you to save hundreds of dollars on car transport from one state to another.


Specific Services

If you are looking for some specific services, you may want to shortlist only those companies that have those services on their list. Some of these services might include enclosed auto transport, door-to-door service, terminal-to-terminal service, and crossing international borders. Only a few car shippers in the US would be offering all these services currently.


Customer Reviews

This is probably the easiest way to select a car shipping company and it usually is very reliable. If there are a lot of people who found the service quite effective, fast, and trustworthy, chances are you will also like the shipper.


Payment Methods

If you are choosing a company online, it’s best to pay only through your credit card or check payment. Companies that ask for wire transfer are usually not very reliable or trustworthy. However, if you want to pay through wire transfer then look for companies that also have other payment methods on their list.


We hope you found this article useful if you are planning to move a car from one location to another in the US. It’s a good idea to do your research before choosing a car shipper because your vehicle is something very valuable. Nobody wants to see it damaged or experience delays in transportation when time is of utmost importance.