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How Car Shipping Works in Kentucky

Kentucky, a place we all have heard about, thanks to the fried chicken enterprise that has got everyone’s lips smacking and fingers licking. However, not all of us have actually heard about how beautiful and attractive the place is, aside from the fried chicken company. It’s cheap and affordable living conditions have been a talk since a long time. It’s ranked in the 8th position, in the United States of America, for its affordability. Also, the state offers you an insight to different cultures and communities. It provides you with beautiful and unique experiences.


If you are planning to move to Kentucky, it’s a great idea! Among its various attractive features, is that it’s cost of housing is very much cheaper than many other states in the United States of America. The state is known for its tech, medical, business, and tourism industries. Since there are not many Jobs in Kentucky, it’s a great place for business men and women to start up their businesses. The residents of Kentucky are very welcoming, warm, and friendly, and will make sure you settle down in the state, comfortably. The hospitality of the people of Kentucky, is known all across the country.

Car Shipping in Kentucky

Car shipping may look like a really huge task, especially if you are moving to another state. You may have worries over the condition of the car, whether it will arrive safely to the destination, whether it will undergo damage under weather conditions, and so on. One can just not stop worrying over their vehicle when considering auto transport shipping. You may also wonder if you can really trust your car shipping company. However, majority of Kentucky car shipping companies can be trusted for their services. Car shipping has been really common in Kentucky, so the experience of an auto transport company in Kentucky, can be a factor to its trustworthiness. The car shipping process might look really complicated, but it’s not. The process is quite simple, provided you work with a reliable and good auto transport company.


Kentucky auto transport, like any other auto transport in the country, adheres to the nationwide rule of that stipulates that auto transport drivers, that ship cars, should not exceed 500 miles per day. This means, you will need to book with your auto transport company well in advance. But what is even more important is the road conditions in Kentucky. Kentucky roads are just good enough, but during bad weather and the winter season, the roads can be very dangerous, especially in the night. So if you are planning to ship your car during the winter season, it’s best to book with your car shipping company much sooner, as the car shipping process might be slower during the season. Kentucky auto transport companies, however, can provide you with the assistance your car would need during the bad weather, so that you could feel relaxed and free of worries.

How Car Shipping Works In General?

Car shipping is an easy process, once you land on the right auto transport company to work with. They provide you with options of pickup trucks to choose from, depending on the size of your vehicle. Usually an open deck carrier works for all kind of cars, however you may choose your pickup truck among the options based on your preferences. The different types of pickup trucks may come in different price range. After you have obtained a quote and booked your shipping, it is necessary you prepare your car before it is shipped. Preparing your car is necessary, in case it goes through damage during the shipping process, you can always claim for insurance. Which also brings the point to check your car shipping company if they cover for insurance. Wash your car ahead, to get rid of the dust which may hide scratches, and then take pictures of your car from all angles as a proof. You also must make sure you do not have any kinds of customs in your car while shipping as they are in risk to damage. Make sure your tires are not over inflated and the gas is almost empty, as you don’t want the unnecessary weight or the risk of leakage. The Car shipping company picks up your car and makes sure they deliver it to your destination in the right time. Always go for the companies that have a considerable experience.


How to Get a Quote to Ship Your Car

A Quote is necessary for Car Shipping, and without it you will not be able to move your car to another place. Applying for a Quote, is actually quite simple, but with the number of options to choose from, it gets trickier. You might want to get a quote from a company that offers price that best suits your budget, is cost effective, and has a simple and easy process. Most of the car shipping companies allow you to apply for a quote from their website, which is quite simple in process. Some of the companies also have a phone number that you could contact and obtain a quote by providing the necessary details.


All you have to do to obtain a quote, is provide the necessary details and pay the said amount. The prices for quotes differ based on the size of the vehicle, the model, and also the weather conditions. Your preferences for the auto shipping pick up truck also might affect the price of the quote. The details you will need to provide to obtain a quote are; the pick up date and the date you wish your vehicle must be shipped on, the city from where the vehicle must be picked up and the destination city, the type of carrier you prefer, the model of the vehicle, and the condition of your vehicle.

Cities and Companies

The top three best cities in Kentucky, with reference to it’s affordable cost of living, hospitality, and great living conditions, are also the top three biggest cities of the state; Louisville, Lexington, and Bowling Green. They also have very good Car Shipping Companies who will assist you when you wish to move in.



Louisville is the biggest city in Kentucky. The city is a home to various historical landmarks and also the birthplace of the world’s greatest boxer, Muhammad Ali. Being the birthplace of the boxer, there are many landmarks in honour of him, that are open to visitors. There are many museums in the city, that are an ideal spot for the newbies. The residents of Louisville are very warm in welcoming people who move into their city. The city’s residents give you a family feeling and help you settle down comfortably.


Best Auto Transport Company in Louisville:

Global Auto Transportation

Global Auto Transportation is a company that provides vehicle shipping services that are reviewed by the customers to be excellent and rated above 4 stars. They are reviewed to have very quick delivery services, quick to respond, professional and skilled in their job, and the staff and drivers are very friendly and give you the best customer service. The company offers a range of services and are best at their job. They offer door to door, nationwide, shipping services at a cost efficient and effective price. You call them at (888) 803-0501 for enquiries about shipping your vehicle and bookings.



Lexington is the second largest city in Kentucky. The city has been ranked among the best cities to live in the United States of America. The factors that determined the ranking were; crime rate, employment and jobs, population growth, affordability in cost of living, and ease in access to health care. The economy of the city is the most stable in the state, and is the best place for the younger working generation. It is also a suitable and lovely place for families and senior citizens, as the community is very friendly and warm and keep you engaged in activities.


Best Auto Transport Company in Lexington:

A-1 Auto Transport

The auto transport company is rated above 4 stars by it’s customers and the services of the company are reviewed to be professional, affordable, highly skilled, and very quick to respond. The company offers worldwide shipping, and the road shipping, alone, has various options for you to choose from based on your preference. The customer service is incredible and they do not hesitate to answer all your questions, done just through a phone call. You can book your shipping by visiting the company’s official website.


Bowling Green

Bowling Green, the third largest city in Kentucky, is also ranked among the top 100 cities to live in the country. The city’s highly affordable cost of living is attractive to people all over the country, and is an ideal city to settle down in. The city is diverse and an insight to various cultures from different communities. The residents are warm and welcoming. The city is known for its vibrant community and lifestyle. It is also a hub of various cultural events that you can engage in.


Best Auto Transport Company in Bowling Green:

Merdzic Transportation Services

Merdzic Transportation Services is reviewed by many customers and given a rating above 4 stars for their services. Among the best qualities that the customers liked are; professionalism, quality services, quick response, and value for the price. The company is known for it’s quick growth and performance. The drivers hired are highly skilled, experienced, and professional, and make sure they ship your vehicle on time. They work 24 × 7 and you can book for their services online by visiting their official website.