Michigan Car Shipping

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Michigan Car Shipping: How To Transport Your Car

Are you moving in or out of the state of Michigan? Well, many people do that almost every day and you don’t have to worry about the arrangements. The most important thought that comes to the mind when it comes to moving in our out of a state is how to ship your car. The best Michigan car shipping company can help you with this can relocate your car to your desired destination. All you have to do is to pick the best and most-trusted car transport company in Michigan for shipping your vehicles.


The city of Michigan & it’s driving conditions:

The name Michigan is derived from the word “mishigami” which means large lake or large water. The name fits perfectly as the Michigan state is located in the Midwestern and Great Lakes region of the U.S. Of all the 50 states of Unites States, Michigan is the 10th most populous states. It is also considered as the 11th most extensive states by area.


Michigan comprises of two peninsulas – Lower Peninsula and Upper Peninsula. It is bored by the four Great Lakes out of the five along with Lake Saint Clair. Michigan also has about 64,980 inland ponds and lakes. Thus, it is known as the “Great Lake State”.


Besides all the demographics and geographical data, Michigan too has some interesting history. In the 17th century, French explorers used to inhabit in this place. Hence, the state is claimed to be a part of the New France colony. But in 1762, France was defeated in the French and Indian war and thereafter this region was occupied by the British. In the 20th century, this state underwent a huge economic transformation leading to some great developments.


Michigan is well connected with other states by roadways as well as by airways. In fact, it has 8 international road crossings that connect to Canada. So, moving in or out of the state will not be an issue at all. Most of the state have a humid continental type of climate which has distinct winters as well as summers. The precipitation is also fairly distributed throughout the year.


As the rain is quite common throughout the year, driving conditions can get difficult at times. But the reliable Michigan car transport companies take required safety measures. Accidents, however, caused due to bad weather are very rare, especially by the Michigan auto transportation services. The advanced carriers and essential modern equipment help them to keep your cars completely safe and secure throughout the shipping process.


The Michigan roadways are very smooth and well-maintained. Hence, driving there doesn’t cause any damage to the cars. Also, you can expect a very rare bumpy rides or flying debris. So, the last thing that you can expect is to get any scratches or damages due to the bumpy rides.

3 largest cities of Michigan

Detroit: Detroit is the most populous as well as the largest city in the Michigan. It is, in fact, the largest city of United States on the border of US-Canada. According to the census of 2019, Detroit has a population of about 670,031 people. The metropolitan area of the Detroit is known as Metro Detroit and about 50% of the population stays here.


Grand Rapids: The second largest city of state of Michigan is Grand Rapids and it is also considered as one of the most important centers of manufacturing. This city developed on the banks of the great Grand River and it is located at an altitude of about 186 m above the sea level. This city is well-connected with air, bus as well as railways. According to the census of 2019, this city has a population of about 201,013.


Lansing: This is one of the largest and most popular cities of Michigan. It is also the capital city of the state. With about 36.68 square miles of land area, this city is surely a great place for people to reside. Here the winters are cold while the summers are humid and very warm. You can expect a moderate to heavy snowfall too in the winter season. The downtown has all the state government buildings as well as someone of the popular restaurants and retail store are also located there.

How does car transport work in Michigan?

Car hauling is really an overwhelming and stressful process. But selecting the best Michigan car shipping company can help you to make the entire process very smooth and efficient. Whether you are shipping the car for the first or you do it more often, having an experienced transport company can assure you that everything will be a breeze for you. All you have to do is to look out for the best car transport company and contact them.


They will ask some of the essential details to help you with more information. These details include:


  • How many cars you want to ship
  • Where you want to ship your car from
  • What the final destination of the shipment is
  • Detailed information about the model of your car, estimated value, color of the car etc.
  • What type of transportation you will like to choose – closed container or open-air


These are all the initial details that they will require to provide you with an estimated price for the auto transport service. You can, of course, negotiate the price with the service (if you want). Once you will agree with the last price, a pick-up date will be finalized. The car transportation service will then prepare a legal contract based on your details. It must be signed by both the parties.


The service will then work on several other things like the cargo insurance, necessary permits and appointing an experienced driver. A lot of things happen in the backend, once the deal is finalized. After everything is properly taken care of, Michigan car hauling company will remind you about the pickup. It will arrive right at the location on the exact date and scheduled time for the pickup.

How to get a quote to transport your car?

As much as you will like to choose the best Michigan car transport company for car hauling, you will also have a budget to think about. Hence, it is important to get the quotes from the best transportation services in Michigan so that you can compare them with one another to pick the best deal. Getting the quotes, however, is not a hard task.


All you have to do is to shortlist the best transport companies and then visit their official websites. The contact numbers will be mentioned there which you can dial to have a conversation with the customer care executives about the procedure and ask for the quotes. In some cases, the quotes will be available online. You just have to fill up all the required information such as pick up location, drop off location, number of cars to be hauled, makes and model number of the car etc. Based on all these information, you will be given the quotes.


One of the most important things that you have to do after getting the quotes is to decide about the payment process. Most of the time, you have to pay an advance amount to book the service. The rest amount must be paid after the car/cars are delivered and received at the final destination. The receiver, here, must examine the car thoroughly to ensure that it is delivered properly in the right condition. Once the entire process of the shipping is completed, final settlement of the payment will be done.

Top Michigan car transport companies:

1. Viceroy Auto Transport

This is one of the best car shipping companies in Michigan that can help you to transport your car nationwide. They offer a smooth and efficient service with a team of most experienced drivers and staff members. You can get the free quote in just 3 steps. All you have to do is to provide the pickup and delivery zip and click on getting free quote.


2. A-1 Auto Transport

A-1 Auto Transport is another reliable and extremely experienced car transport service in Michigan that offers best results. You can have a relaxed and stress-free time while your car will be delivered safely and securely to the mentioned destination. It is a safe and reliable option that you can consider that values your time as well as your belongings. It offers an award winning service.


3. J & S Transport

With more than 20 years of experience, this auto transport company never fails to make their customers happy. They offer the best quality service to ensure you that your car will reach to the destination on time and safely. It offers a complete hassle-free and smooth experience for the customers. You can be at your peace of mind choosing this service as your car will be in safe hands.



The best Michigan car shipping company promises you to deliver the best service for transporting your car. Experience hassle-free and efficient shipping of your car like never before with the best in class services. Experts will ensure that your car is safely carried and relocated to the new destination. If you want to move in or out of Michigan, contact today and get the free quote.