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All You Need to Know About Mississippi Car Transport

Mississippi covers about 48,500 square km and is the 32 largest in the United States. In 2019, it reported a GDP of $104 billion while the per capita income is a little over $34,000. The state’s population is close to 3 million, which makes it the 34th most populous state in the country. Among the important cities, Jackson which is the capital of Mississippi, Biloxi, Gulfport, and Southaven are noteworthy for their role in the state’s economy and politics.


In 1990, Mississippi’s legislature legalized casino gambling in some of the cities along the Gulf Coast and Mississippi river. This has lead to an increase in tourism business and revenue for the state. The towns that have become famous for their casino gambling are Biloxi, Gulfport, and Bay St. Louis along the Gulf Coast. Similarly, Tunica, Greenville, Natchez, and Vicksburg have emerged as leading casino hubs along the Mississippi River.


By 2005, Mississippi emerged as the second-largest gambling state in the United States, behind Nevada. In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck Mississippi’s Gulf Coast and left an enduring trail of destruction and devastation. The state reportedly lost 500,000 per day due to the impact of the hurricane that damaged properties worth $125 billion and claimed 1800 lives. Mississippi’s economy is led by Agriculture, Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, and Manufacturing.


Mississippi has many beautiful places to visit. It is also referred to as “The Hospitality State” and “The Magnolia State”.


Windsor Ruins: This was a four-story mansion build by a wealthy plantation owner between 1859 and 1861. It was destroyed in a fire in 1890. Today, all that is left of the mansion are 23 majestic columns set in beautiful and serene natural surroundings. These columns are the reminder of a time that is also defined by disaster, war, and slavery.


Among other attractions include:


· Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge

· Cypress Swamp

· Dunn’s Mill And Falls

· Friendship Cemetery


Driving Condition in Mississippi: Mississippi’s road network and transportation sector is well developed. It has nine interstate highways within the state while 14 U.S. highways cross through it.


With a mean elevation of 91 meters above sea level, Mississippi is mostly lowland. The driving conditions on the highways here are excellent.

Mississippi: Important Cities

Mississippi has many large and important cities. It also has many historical cities with places of tourist interest. Here, we profile the 3 most important cities in Mississippi.



The capital of Mississippi, Jackson is the state’s largest city with a population of close to 175,000 people. It is located on the Pear River in Hinds County. The city also has its share of the Mississippi Freedom Trail that runs across the state. The city is home to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science that’s located in Bluff State Park in LeFleur. Jackson became the capital of Mississippi in 1821. The city is named after the 7th president of the United States, General Andrew Jackson. He gained popularity for his role in the Battle of New Orleans. Prominent among the industries present in Jackson include electrical machinery, food processing, and equipment.



In terms of population, Gulfport with 67,793 people (2010) is the second-largest city after Jackson. It is located in Harrison County on the Gulf of Mexico. The port city is known for its coast casinos, sandy beaches, and cultural events. A top tourist destination, it is also fairly notorious for extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes. Hurricane Katrina in 2005 had destroyed half of the city and much of the coastline. Over the past years, a massive rebuilding effort has been on. You can visit the Barrier Islands and Ship Island. As a tourist, you have many historical sites, boardwalks, tidal pools, and white beaches to explore.



Biloxi is another major tourist destination in Mississippi. It has a population of close to 45,000 people. Biloxi is precariously located on the Mississippi Sound. It was a more populous city in the past but natural disasters such as hurricanes and flooding have forced many people to leave the city. The drop in population was more pronounced after Hurricane Katrina struck the city in August 2005. Biloxi is situated on the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a big casino hub but it’s equally known for Biloxi Lighthouse. The city is home to the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum that has exhibits on seafood-processing and boatbuilding.

Car Transport. How does it work?

Mississippi Car transport is a major sector within the overall road transportation industry. At any given point in time, thousands of cars are being hauled from one destination to another. There can be many reasons for the cars to be transported from one place to another. It could be the relocation of the owner that may have forced him to think of car hauling to a new destination. It could be that the car has been sold and the new owner lives in another city. Or it could be that the car was bought online and it now needs to be sent to the owner who lives in another city. There can be simply too many reasons to think about car transport.


As car shipment is an important sector with a huge business volume, there are many car transport companies across Mississippi and the United States. Road transportation, by default, has national character and outreach. You can book your car with an auto shipping company to transport it from anywhere to anywhere within the United States. However, working with a local company may have some advantages.


Car shipment companies offer three types of carriers – Open Carriers, Enclosed Carriers, and Express carriers.


Open Carriers: This is a huge double-decked haulage truck open from all sides. It can accommodate 10-12 vehicles at a time and it’s also the cheapest medium for transporting your car. But this is also the most popular medium of auto transportation. Because there are always more open carriers running on the highways, you can find an open carrier more quickly and easily.


Enclosed Carrier: This is a similarly large doubled decked truck but closed from all sides. This offers protection to the vehicles from the weather elements such as rain and sun. It also protects the vehicles from dust and debris from outside. Enclosed carriers are at least 40% more expensive than open carriers. This kind of car shipment is more suited to expensive vehicles.


Express Carriers: Sometimes, you want your vehicle to be delivered to the new destination within the shortest possible time. You don’t want to waste any moment that could be used to ship your car quickly. The express carrier may carry one to two vehicles and it would deliver your vehicle within 72 hours. It does not waste much time in picking up or dispatching your vehicle. It may cost 50% more than how much it may cost for sending through enclosed vehicles.

How to get a quote to transport your car?

Once you have decided to send your car by an auto transport company, the next thing is to zero in on the company that can send your car at the most economical prices. For this, you need to shortlist some auto transport companies and request them for a quote.


Many of the large auto transport companies normally have an automated fare calculator on their sites. You can fill in the details in the fare calculator about your car and the destination to which it needs to be sent, and you will get an instant quote from the company that may remain valid for at least 7 days. Even if you don’t use the auto transportation services of that particular company, through the use of the fare calculator you can have an estimate of the cost.


To request a quote, you simply need to call up the auto transport companies and request a quote. Their executives will ask you the details about the car and the destination. They will also ask which kind of carrier you want to use. Based on your answers, they will provide their quotes.

Mississippi auto transport companies

Auto transport companies are rated on different usage parameters such as the quote process, insurance protection, customer service, cost, and shipping experience. Among the top Mississippi car transport companies include the following:


US Auto Shipping

US Auto Shipping is one of the highly-rated car shipping companies in the US. It’s considered to offer efficient, reliable, and professional auto shipment services. It’s a full-service Mississippi car shipping company. US Auto Shipping is an affordable and popular car shipping company. It has a nationwide network.


Montway Auto Shipping

Montway Auto Shipping provides all kinds of auto-shipment service. It also offers an instant quote for all your car shipping needs. It is among those rare auto shipping companies that provide overseas car shipment facilities, particularly to Hawaii. It is an efficient and reliable company with a strong reputation for efficient services.


Zoom Auto Transport

Zoom Auto Transport is a leading Mississippi car shipping company. It provides auto-shipment plans for all kinds of vehicles to any destination across the US. The company ensures all paperwork and insurance formalities are completed before the vehicle is dispatched. It has business tie-ups with leading car carriers across the country. The company employs knowledgeable, experienced, and professional staff.


Final Thoughts

Mississippi is a beautiful state with some of the most exciting casino hubs right next to the sea and river fronts. The state’s economy is powered by tourism and agriculture. The state has an excellent network of highways. There are some great Mississippi auto transport companies that can transport your car to any location in the US at the most affordable rates.