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Located in the South Central Region of the United States, Texas is considered to be the city of cowboys and is the second largest state of the United States after Alaska. Most Texas boundaries are determined by water bodies. The eastern part is determined by the Red River and Oklahoma to the north. To the east is the Sabine River and Louisiana and Alaska.


Texas comprises mostly vast regions with densely populated coastal, high plains, and also mountains. This vastness of Texas generally poses a difficulty for its transportation. But the development of the city and its transport system does not stop. As the vast regions stand as a problem, Texans are more focused on making the transport system better. The impulse to develop more inland areas was one of the factors leading to the establishment of Austin as the capital of the city. The condition of Texas traffic is detoreating day by day with its traffic jams.


The Texas Department of Transport is the state agency in charge of the day to day operations and maintenance of the Texas Highways. Overall the network of the Texas State Highways is maintained by the United States state of Texas government. The Texas Car Transport system has the largest state highway system, closely followed by the State Highways system of North Carolina.


The state of Texas has 5 different types of highways which are Intrastate Highways, U.S, Highway, State Highway, State Highway Loops, and Spurs and Business Routes. Intrastate Highway is those that are used to travel within the state of Texas. Then comes the U.S. Highways. These highways are used for traveling outside the state of Texas. These highways stretch out to the other places of the United States and connect them with the state of Texas. Next is the State Highways. These highways mainly link important cities and towns within Texas.


Other than those are the smaller versions of Highways that are maintained in the same system. For example the State Highway Loops and Spurs and Business Routes. The State Highway Loops and Spurs mainly connect short links like roads to the main State Highway network. Then comes Business Routes, these are small routes or short cuts (also known as special routes) that are connected to the main State Highway route indicated by numbers. Other than these are the streets, lanes, and roads that are used commonly for driving and walking both.

Largest cities

Being the economic powerhouse people are flowing in and out of Texas all the time. Most importantly Texas has a booming economy as well as a booming population. This is the reason why the whole state of Texas faces a huge traffic problem.



Being the most popular city in the United State state of Texas and the fourth most popular city in the United States, Houston has a bad traffic problem too. It has an underground pedestrian tunnel system which removes the bulk of people walking on the road but this does not help the traffic from increasing.


In a global index, Houston ranked in the top ’20s the country’s most congested cities. In Houston, drivers spend at least 23% extra travel time stuck in traffic jams according to TomTom traffic index. Houston traffic is constant and keeps increasing with each passing day.



Being the commercial and cultural hub of the whole region, Dallas has an increasing traffic problem too. The Dallas Museum of Art attracts numerous visitors each day along with the Crow Collection of Asian Art. Dallas has such beautiful places of art and cultural interest that people are drawn to the city. This constant flowing of tourists, visitors, and residents helps in increasing the Dallas traffic jam.


Dallas has the 10th worst traffic jams in the country according to a report given by transport analytics. It also has the 7th most congested roads in the United States. It is also said that the common drivers spent at least 18% extra time stuck in Dallas traffic jams. Dallas traffic jams stay still and do not even move.



Being the capital city of Texas, Austin is a hub of adventure sports. Austin is a renowned place for adventure sports like swimming, boating, hiking, and biking. This is because Austin has an abundance of ponds, lakes, and parks. This attracts tourists who are interested in adventure sports. As a result of which travelers and tourists keep flowing in and out of Austin increasing its traffic congestions.


Austin is listed among the worst cities for traffic in the United States. It takes approximately 1 hour to complete a 30 minutes trip in the daily traffic conditions of Austin. Austin traffic is said to be one of the worst and the traffic keeps increasing each day. The traffic is mostly at its peak on rush hours and rainy days.


Car Transport

Car transport also known as car hauler or auto transport is a process by which cars or any type of vehicle can be transported from one place to another. This is mainly done for places that are far away and need to be reached by air or water route. In today’s date, car transport companies excel in transporting any kind of vehicle within minimum time mostly via air or water.

Prices to ship a car FROM Texas to:




Pickup Truck

Torrance, CA




Benton, LA




Orlando, FL




Malden, MA




Denver, CO




Ellwood City, PA




Seville, FL




East Hanover, NJ




How Car Transport Works?

Before choosing to transport any vehicle it is important to understand how a car transport or auto transport works. The process of auto transport starts with contacting the company first. Once the company is contacted the company asks for some important details from the customer to further proceed with the process.


The details asked from the customer are; Starting location, final location, details about the car (for example., model, color, year, estimated value), handling instructions (for example., specific details of the container, open-air container or closed container), and finally the name of the person who will receive the car at the final destination.


Once all the details are given to the company, the company starts the process by issuing a quote to the customer. On the day of pick up the car is taken and prepared for the travel. It will then be taken to the companies to stop and put into the customer’s desired container and finally shipped.


While in transit the customer can track his/her car. Finally, the car is delivered on the delivery date or delayed delivery date. In this case, the authorized receiver needs to be present with the quote. Once delivered the receiver needs to inspect the car. Once everything is inspected the receiver can then clear his/her payments and the process of auto transport is complete.


Receiving a Quote

The auto transport company will give you a quote only if you supply them with authorized details of the following:

  • Starting Location
  • Final Destination
  • Details about the car (color, model, year, estimated value)
  • Handling Instructions (a type of container to be used for the transport, open-air or closed container)
  • Name of the receiver (only this authorized person will be able to take the delivery of the car from the final destination)

Best car transport companies in Texas

Even though there are a lot of vehicle shipping companies in Texas, there are couple of them that stand out from the crowd. Most of them are broker companies, they don’t have their own trucks but subcontract pre-screened carriers in order to perform the transportation request.


Here is the list of TOP 5 trusted car transport companies in Texas:


AmeriFreight Car Shipping

“From when I initially called to receiving my vehicle it was no more than 10 days. Amerifreight really expedited the process for me. Even with the Thanksgiving holiday, Richard had an update for the following day. My vehicle also arrives 3 days earlier than expected which was a huge bonus for me. The driver was extremely friendly and helpful.”


“Richard at Amerifreght was polite, helpful and willing to work with a crazy pickup schedule and location. He matched us with a driver that was beyond what we were expecting in quality. The turnaround was fast and the cars arrived in the same condition they left it. Cheers Richard.”


Angels Moving Autos

“This is the only Transport company I will ever use. Dina and her team always go above and beyond for me without failure, and always exceed expectations. I usually give them pretty unrealistic timelines, and they always make it happen. I’ve used them a handful of times for transport of high end vehicles, and the process is always seamless and smooth. They are my “Go To” Transport company, and I will continue to only use them!!”


“Angels Moving Autos did a fabulous job of getting my car moved from Dallas, Texas to Sherwood Oregon. The car arrived in perfect condition and in a very timely fashion. The Angels were always helpful and willing to keep me informed. The price was very reasonable. The carrier they used was pleasant and professional, as well as effective and accommodating. It took me several attempts to find a truly honest and caring company to transport my car and it was worth the search to find such a great group of angels to handle my car’s long trip. Thanks a million!!!!!!!”


AAA Anytime Inc.

“This is the 2nd time that I have used AAA Anytime, Inc. Car Transport to pickup my car in Geneva, IL and deliver to Arizona area. Both times have been great. The drivers have come close to my home and delivered very close to destination. They have been courteous, thorough and patient. I plan to continue to use them again this year. They are very reliable. They gave me 2 days notice on pickup and then again, 2 hr notice prior to pickup. Same for delivery. I don’t have my records in front to be specific about the nice lady from AAA Anytime, Inc. but she was Pleasant to talk to and deal with.”


“Very delighted with the customer service. Stacie was friendly and knowledgeable about the transportation process. She answered every question and was patient with my demands. I Shipped my 2010 Rav4 to Hawaii and Was Pleased with the service, definitely will refer this company and use them again.”


Ultimate Transport 123

“Its all good things about my experience with shipping my car from NY to California with Ultimate Transport 123. The customer service person was helpful and the driver of the truck kept us in the loop as well. Great company to deal with.”


“Our car was picked up in New Jersey to Florida without any single issue! Customer service was prompt to answer all my questions and concerns. they understand every situation overall process was easy.”


AutoStar Transport Express

“My experience with this auto transport company was flawless. Customer service was excellent; they are flexible, on time, fast service, reasonably priced and did exactly what they said. Car was received in great shape.”


“I booked my car from Las Vegas to Honolulu with David Davies at Autostar. He was great to work with even though I had to change my dates several times. The price was great and the service even better. They kept me informed through the whole process. I am very happy with their service.’


Houston Auto Shipping

This Texas car shipping company is one of the most trusted companies and the best auto transport company in Houston with a rating of 5. It offers you quick service at a cheap rate. Not only this but it also offers you facilities like insurance, fast door-to-door delivery, and also provides you with the quote online by chat, email, or phone. They are well versed with their work and use only professionals to handle your car. They also provide you with an online help response within only 10 minutes.


HLL Express Auto Transport

HLL Express Auto Transport Company is a trusted car transport company in Dallas, Texas. It is running for the last 20 years and has been rated 4.5. This company only lets professionals handle your car and also provides you with insurance and discounts. Other than that it also provides facilities like car towing, 24/7 service, door-to-door delivery, and online quote. This also provides you with all-time customer support in case of any questions.


Sherpa Auto Transport

This Texas Car Transport company is one of the most trusted and claimed auto transport companies in Austin with a rating of 5. It is famous for its customer service. It has cheap rates but great service. Sherpa auto transport not only provides you with hustle free service but also provides you with facilities like door-to-door service, fast service, free quote, good and well-vented containers, and a negotiable price. It also offers you free insurance coverage and 24/7 customer support.

How to save on car shipping in TX?

There are a couple of ways you can save on car shipping to or from Texas.


The best rates you can get are from top cities - Houston, Austin or Dallas. These cities are the main points for most of the drivers. It would be great if you could schedule your pickup or delivery within 50 miles from the metro area.

Cost to transport a car TO Texas from:




Pickup Truck

Albany, GA




Pittsburgh, PA




Dearborn, MI




Minneapolis, MN




Lowell, MA




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