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Car Transport Services

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How to get the best car transport services in the USA?

Transporting a vehicle might not seem an easy task to move forward with as car transportation requires a few factors to take into account before pursuing. Timespan, price, and shipment type are a few things to figure out before moving on to something practical. People usually do not know the basic information required to transport a vehicle from one state to the other.

For that matter, we are here to educate you and offer you details of the top transportation companies operating in the USA. If you are a person looking to ship your car anywhere within the USA? You are at the right place to view all the details and insight associated with car transportation services.

Any company looking to prosper by leaps and bounds has to engulf its customers with the utmost feeling of trust and dependency. Customers like to move forward with services that feel more transparent and fool-proof to them in every aspect. Here we will enlist a few top-rated car transportation companies that are known for their exquisite customer review base. We will also answer general FAQs about this topic to make sure all the spaces get fully covered without any loopholes.

Different ways to transport cars or vehicles are in the following:

  • Transportation through trucks.
  • Transportation through railroads.
  • Transportation through ships.

Mode of transportation and different laws get subjected to vehicles in different states.

How Does Car Transport Work in the USA?

For car transportation, you need to find a reputed company that is accredited, licensed, and legitimately operating in the U.S. If you are a first-timer looking to transport your vehicle? You will definitely find it hard to develop trust and belief instantly. That is why we will enlist a few companies with clean slates and a top customer review base.

Car transportation usually works in the 4-steps:

  • Getting a quote.
  • Scheduling your auto transport.
  • Company gathering essential permits through workers.
  • Receiving delivery.

Best Car Transport Companies in the USA

The following are some of the few top-rated car transportation service companies that have a substantial customer review base:

Ship a Car Direct

This company is quite well-known in the USA and offers door-to-door car transport services. It is one of the most reliable car shipping companies you would come across because it is licensed and bonded. People prefer it because it does not ask for any upfront payment to be made for the transportation of your car from one place to another.

You can get a free quote by filling out an online form and enter basic information about the car you want to move. The company works with only elite carriers in the country to ensure the safe and sound movement of your car. Once you book a shipment with them, you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

Mercury Auto Transport

Mercury Auto Transport offers nationwide shipping services for any type of vehicle you want to move. The company presents various offers from carriers that are FMCSA licensed and insured. The customer is given a chance to accept any of these offers to avail of car shipping services. The deposit is only required when you accept an offer and final arrangements have been made.

This company offers three types of car shipping services: open auto transport, enclosed auto transport, and flatbed auto transport. It is recommended to learn all about these types before choosing one of the options.

Ultimate Transport 123

Ultimate Transport 123 is preferred because of its highly customized services. They work with their clients at each and every step of the process right from booking to the final arrival of the car. The company has received more than 10,000 reviews and is considered one of the best in business. Since the business is family owned and operated, it is quite well-liked.

The prices quoted by this company are based on various factors including the size and weight of your vehicle, condition of the car, and the transport type you choose. Open transport is usually preferred because it is the cheapest option available.

AmeriFreight Car Shipping

If you are looking for the top-rated car shipping company in the US, AmeriFreight is one of them. It offers many services including direct logistics, enterprise logistics, and transporter logistics. In addition, you can find a rate calculator on their website along with different discount offers. The company has won many awards in the auto transport industry and has received many positive reviews from its customers.

If you have an expensive car that you need to move from one state to another, choose this company.

Angels Moving Autos

The company is known for its amazing customer services and flawless car shipping services. It operates in all 50 states of the US and offers many services. They guide their customers right from the beginning and offer help in choosing the best carrier. They have a list of preferred shippers on their website. You can check out the list and then choose one of the carriers to work with.

All of these companies have their quote forms and contact numbers listed for you to have a general idea of the costs and details of the car transportation services. Get a free quote today from these companies and then compare their rates. However, keep in mind that price should not be the only reason to choose a company. Many other factors like reputation and experience of the company are to be considered.

How to Get a Car Transportation Quote?

Getting a transportation quote is not a luxury or a rarity, nowadays as more and more companies have come to the transportation business. You can get a quote by searching online for a few top-rated companies, visit their websites to generate a quote either directly through a quote generator or by contacting them personally. You can get it in the following ways:

  • Online Quote Generators

There are online quote generators for companies that instantly provide quotes by just adding a few details.

  • Quote Through Emails

If you are looking to ensure complete transparency and do not trust online generators? You can mail a car transportation company to get a quote.

  • Quote by direct Calling

There are phone numbers available online that you can dial and get the details of your route costs and other key determinants.

  • Quote comparison through market study

You can compare rates of different carriers of the same company by looking into or doing sound research as there are transportation companies available that have their ties with multiple carriers at the same time to attract all types of customers and a variety of rates.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Moving?

Preparing your car for transportation needs to happen in a cycle. You need to follow a step by step pattern. Firstly, the car needs a proper checkup from the mechanic to ensure that everything is ok. Secondly, wash it thoroughly and de-clutter the inside, remove your personal items from within the vehicle and disable the alarm system, try to keep your fuel tank to a minimum value to ensure no leaks. With all these things in check, lock your car, and it is ready to have a move.

General FAQs Related to Car Moving

Here are a few frequently asked questions by customers that are looking to move their transport from one state to the other.

  • Why go to transportation companies when you can drive your car?

Car transportation services are for people that are looking to avoid the hassle of moving their cars from one state to another by driving for hundreds of miles individually.

  • How much will it cost me to hire a transportation company?

It depends upon the condition, size, and dimensions of your vehicle. It also depends on the mode of transportation that gets used for this purpose.

  • Should I ship my car enclosed or open?

People usually prefer open shipping services because of the lower costs and usual practice, but if your car is an expensive one, we recommend to go for an enclosed shipment.

  • How to get a quote to move your car?

Whatever company you choose from to transport your car in the USA, you can get a quote by simply filling a form online and adding the details mentioned above to calculate the initial quote amount that you will have to bear. These quotes are different for different companies with contrasting routes and alternative transportation means.

  • What is the typical cost to transport a car in the USA (per mile and state-to-state)?

There are different quotes offered by various car transportation companies operating around the U.S. There are online quote forms in which you can register and add transportation mode, state names to get a know-how of the quote gets calculated.

The estimation of the total cost a car transportation company charges depends upon the following factors:

  • The size of the car getting transported.
  • The area where it needs to get transported.
  • The transportation type, either an enclosed container or open.
  • The car condition.
  • Calculating the distance between where to and where from.