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Hello and welcome to Cartransport.PRO! In this article we’ll describe best car Utah car transport companies, rates on all major routes and answer your most frequent questions. You can view all Utah car transport companies by clicking here. Jump in 🙂

The Cheapest Utah Car Transport Companies


Magnificent mountains, deserts, and plateaus are the unmistakable hallmarks of Utah. If you are planning to relocate to Utah, you are one of the many who are choosing to make Utah their homes. With high-quality life and low-crime rate, Utah has many better things to offer compared to other states. It’s also more affordable besides being the gateway to stunning mountains.


Utah has a significant presence of industries that include agriculture, finance, tourism, mining, petroleum, among others. Because of the strong economy, Utah has a robust employment scene with more jobs available in its different industrial sectors.


As the job market is strong in Utah, more people are relocating to the state. This has fuelled the property prices. According to property market sources, the median home value has increased 7.5% in Utah over the last year. Property prices are expected to rise further in the coming years. So, if you are planning to buy a home in Utah, it can be a good investment.


Utah has a population of 3.2 million while its capital Salt Lake City 200,000. Utah has the distinction of having the youngest population in the United States with people below 18 years constituting 33% of the population. It also tops in birth rate as 86.7 births are reported every 1000 women between the age of 15 and 45.


Utah is a big centre of winter adventure sports, especially skiing and snowboarding. Mountains close to Salt Lake City receive a massive 500 inches of snow annually.


A majority of the people in the state are members of the church. They are friendly but have strong affiliations. Park City of Utah is home to The Sundance Film Festival held in January every year.


Let’s start with newly registered businesses in Utah:

How to find cheap Utah Auto Shipping Companies?


Utah sees a lot of snowfall throughout its mountainous terrains. Driving through the roads here especially in winter can be treacherous and deadly. You need to get used to icy and snowy driving conditions before you can drive confidently and safely.


Driving slow, checking the weather reports, and choosing safe driving techniques are necessary for safe driving. You can get the latest about the weather from the UDOT Traffic website which makes use of 1200 cameras, roadside and in-road sensors, and 200 message boards to collect information from across the state.



Important cities of Utah


There are quite a few important and big cities in Utah such as Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Provo, West Jordan, Orem, and Ogden. Here, we will discuss Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah, and Provo. Both have strong job markets and a robust real estate scene.



Salt Lake City


The popular image of Salt Lake City depicts it as a laidback and homogenous city. But it has its other side as well in the form of a lively social scene. It is the hub of the booming craft beer industry of the state. The city has a population of about 200,000 people but the Salt Lake City Metropolitan Area has a population of 1 million people.


Salt Lake City is a major travel hub as the western hub of Delta, the country’s most popular airline, has the second biggest hub in Salt Lake City. If you need to travel frequently, living in Salt Lake City offers you more options to fly.


Salt Lake City is the base for outdoor adventure and recreation. Some of the best ski facilities are close to the city and they have been the venues for the 2002 Winter Olympics.




Provo is located in Utah’s Wasatch Front region and serves as the base for exploring the national parks. Provo lies in Utah County, which is considered as the most conservative county in a state which is considered the most conservative in the country. As many as 90% people in Provo are members of the church.


Provo’s population is about 115,000 people. But the Metropolitan Area of Provo-Orem has about half a million people living there.


Drinking alcohol in state, public, and national parks are not allowed. If picnicking or camping in these areas, you should avoid bringing alcohol with you as you could be fined for the violation of the law.

Here is the list of top companies on our platform based on their reviews:

Utah Auto Shipping Rate Analysis

Car Transport: How does it work?


There can be many reasons for you to choose a car transport service. You may be taking a new job in a new city and you want your car to be there by the time you reach there to join the work.


You could be relocating to, for example, to Utah and you are looking for a Utah car shipping or Utah car transport service to transport your vehicle to your new destination.


Sometimes, you may be selling your car to someone in a different city or buying a car from someone in a different city. In all these cases, you need an auto transport service that can transport your vehicle to your new address.


There are mainly three types of carriers that transport motor vehicles. These are open carriers, enclosed carriers, and express carriers.


Open carriers


Open carriers are the most popular and also the most economical option among the three types of carriers. These carriers can carry 8 to 10 cars at a time. Enclosed carriers can carry 6 to 8 cars at a time. Open carriers are open from all sides and the vehicles are secured in their place with iron chains or nylon straps, or some other methods. The vehicles in the open carriers are exposed to elements and debris.


Enclosed carriers


The enclosed carriers are normally preferred for expensive vehicles that need to be protected from elements and outside debris. They are more expensive than open carriers but less expensive than an express carrier.


Express carriers


Express carriers pick up your vehicles instantly and deliver them to the new destination in the shortest possible time, usually in less than 72 hours. This is the most expensive auto transport method. You will use this option only when you have absolutely no time and you want your vehicle to be delivered to the destination before a particular date.


Route Avg. Price For Open Trailer
CA-UT $450
UT-WI $850
UT-NY $1150
UT-NJ $1200
UT-NC $1150
UT-OH $1100
UT-MD $950
Updated: 06/09/22.

How to save on Utah car shipping?


Auto transport is an intensely dynamic sector where thousands of auto carriers are always on the move delivering tens of thousands of vehicles to new destinations every day. There are auto transport companies with their offices in all important cities. These companies can be reached through their websites as well and getting quotes for your auto shipment from a few of these companies is not difficult at all.


The transportation cost for your vehicle will depend on a number of factors such as the make, weight and dimensions of your vehicle. Distance, carrier, and urgency are the other factors that will determine the cost. Some websites of auto transport companies have an automatic price calculator and quotation dispensing mechanism.

You need to fill the price calculator with relevant information such as the vehicle type, distance, etc., and the calculator will give you an instant quote. The quote normally stays valid for at least 7 days.


Alternatively, you can call up an auto transport company and ask for a quote. The company executive will ask for relevant information that we have discussed in the preceding paragraphs. Based on your information, the company will provide you a quote.


But auto transportation is an informal sector where many kinds of forces are at work. This means you can get both inflated price and below quote price.


If you are approaching the auto transport company through a middleman, you are likely going to pay more than the market price. But if you talk to an auto transport company and ask him to find the cheapest price, the company can actually find it for you.

It so happens that a large number of carriers are on the move all the time and some of them are running largely empty because they have the last one or two vehicles to deliver.


These carriers can pick up and drop your vehicle at very cheap prices. The only condition is that you should give the auto company enough time to find such a carrier.


Utah is a beautiful state with lots of mountains, deserts, and national parks. Its economy is in good condition and there are plenty of employment opportunities in the state. However, driving can be a difficult proposition on its highways because of excessive snowfall in winter. But there are good Utah auto transport companies that can deliver your vehicle reliably and safely.


Usually drivers can make up to 450 miles per day. You can simply divide the milage from your pick up location to delivery location by 400 to get an estimation of how many days will it take to deliver.

Sure, all carriers are required to be licensed and insured. You can request cargo insurance certificate once the driver is assigned to the order by your shipping company.

But don’t forget about deductibles! Some cargo insurance policies have them at ridiculously high amounts – up to $5000 per accident.

While 90% of all car shipping orders performed ia open trailer you can consider using enclosed type of the trailer in case your vehicle is worth ore that $50 000. Price will be higher, but you can be sure your vehicle won’t be damaged.