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How does auto transport work in the USA?

It might be the fact that you would like to relocate your automobile. In that case, you might be thinking of how car shipping is going to work. Do you have any idea regarding your delivery options or what should be done in case you have unique or costly vehicles? Apart from this, you might also be thinking of the vehicle shipping expenses, so request a quotation after calling your selected car shipping company. As a matter of fact, shipping your vehicle will not be stressful in case you prepare the vehicle and also choose the proper car shipping company out there.

Open and enclosed shipment

Perhaps you are wondering how your vehicle will be moved by the company on the open road. The majority of the companies provide a couple of options for you to select from, namely, open as well as enclosed carriers.

You should go for the open trailer service in case you like to save your cash. It is actually the most well-known and also most inexpensive option in terms of car transportation. Despite the fact that your vehicle will be exposed to the elements of nature since these trailers will not be covered, the drivers have been properly trained to take proper care of your car.

In case you have got a brand-new luxury vehicle or a rare one which needs to be shipped, it would be a nice idea to go for an enclosed shipment service out there. The vehicles will be protected from all types of weather conditions by the trailers, and therefore, you need not be concerned about your car becoming damaged or dirty because of the external elements. However, this transportation type is more costly as compared to the open shipment option.

Terminal to terminal and door to door delivery

While hiring a vehicle shipping company for handling your vehicle, make sure to verify what type of delivery options are offered by them. 2 types of delivery options are usually provided by the companies, namely terminal-to-terminal as well as door-to-door. You can select any of these 2 options depending on your budget, free time, and other requirements.

Door-to-door delivery implies that your car will be picked up by the company from a particular location and it will be dropped off at the target destination. Moreover, it will not be required for you to be present personally at the time of the delivery, and you can simply appoint any other person whom you can trust.

On the other hand, terminal-to-terminal delivery implies that your automobile is going to be dropped off at any of the local storage facilities. This option is appropriate for individuals having a flexible schedule since it is imperative for you to be present at the terminal for picking up the car. However, bear in mind that these terminals might not be situated near your new residence on some occasions.

How to get a quote to transport your car?

It does not matter whether you are shifting to a new location or buying a brand-new vehicle, obtaining a vehicle transport quote is going to be the initial step for transporting your vehicle from one place to the other. However, the process can become quite confusing since there are plenty of options to select from. Vehicle shipping quotes are handled by every vehicle transport company in a different manner; nevertheless, it will be quite simple to get hold of a quote online or you can also call the vehicle shipping company directly.

Where is it possible to receive a vehicle transport quote?

There are a number of options for asking for a vehicle shipping quote which we have mentioned below:

• Online quote generator – In case you’d like to avoid undesirable phone calls and spam emails, an online quote generator is going to be the best option for you. You simply need to provide your vehicle details as well as your destination for getting an instant quote without providing your phone number or email.

• By means of email – In case you like to get a copy of your vehicle transport quote by means of email, make sure to go to the website of any vehicle shipping company and fill out an online form providing some basic information as well as your email. In fact, the quote is going to be delivered right to your inbox. However, it is important to select only a couple of trustworthy sites so as not to get spammed in the long run.

• By means of telephone – in case you like to talk to a customer service representative directly, you can go for this option. The majority of the vehicle transport companies come with a toll-free number. You simply need to call the number, provide the information requested, and the quote will be available to you within a few seconds from a live individual.

• Multi-quote marketplaces – If you are a person who likes to compare while shopping, some vehicle shipping companies who work with several carriers will be the right option for you. Rather than boxing yourself into only one option, you can make use of a marketplace for getting several quotes instantaneously. However, the downside of using this option will be that you might receive undesirable emails as well from the partner companies.

Why it’s hard and not necessary to find a company near you?

In case you are thinking about whether you will be able to come across auto transport companies near me, then there are several aspects to take into consideration. Location is definitely important in case you want to find auto transport near me. It might be the fact that you are located in a rural area far away from the nearest city. In that case, you will be finding it quite difficult to find auto transport services near me on most occasions. It is a fact that vehicle shipping companies are going to use the main highway routes for transportation. In case you are not located on one of these main routes, you might not be fortunate enough to find auto transport near me.

However, it is not imperative to find a vehicle shipping company near you. This is because the clients will be usually working with brokers who have carriers on all significant routes. It does not actually matter where the shipment company is situated since it would be possible for the driver to pick up your vehicle from the location indicated by you.

Auto transport tips and how to prepare the car

It might be the fact that you have made the decision to transport your vehicle to a new destination and have also contacted a vehicle hauler to get it shipped. At this point, you have to prepare your vehicle for shipment. Below, we have mentioned several guidelines on preparing your vehicle for transportation which will provide you with complete peace of mind in the long run.

1. Get the vehicle washed

The initial thing for you to do will be to get the exterior of the car washed. Once the driver is going to arrive for picking up the car, he will be performing a vehicle condition report along with you. This particular report will be documenting the vehicle’s present condition which will include all existing damages on the car.

In case your automobile is clean, it will be easy for you as well as the driver to prepare the report since you can easily see any dings, scratches, paint chips, dents, or any other damage to the car.

2. Take your vehicle’s picture

Once the vehicle becomes nice and clean, it will be the appropriate time for you to capture photographs. It is important to ensure that the pictures are of sound quality as well as dated. Do not take photographs of only the damaged areas. Capture photographs of the car at various angles.

3. Clean the vehicle’s interior

It is possible for the vehicle trailers to bounce up and down during the shipment process which can result in the movement of loose objects inside the vehicle. Get rid of any object which is not secured out there including car chargers, air fresheners, GPS devices, phone holders, and so forth. Remove anything if there is a possibility for those items to move around or bounce inside the vehicle during transportation.

4. Make the alarms disabled

Your driver will never want to deal with a car whose alarm goes off all of a sudden. Therefore, it will be a sensible idea to disable the alarm of your automobile before shipment.

Auto Transport FAQ

1. What type of carrier will be shipping my vehicle?

The majority of the carriers are 5 to 12 car haulers out there. While the open carriers will be subjected to road and weather conditions, the enclosed ones will be not.

2. How long is it going to take for transporting my automobile?

It will take approximately 3 to 5 days on most occasions for the vehicle to be accepted by any carrier. After picking up, the transit time will be depending on where your car is going to be transported from and to.

3. How does the car pick up process function?

It is important for the carrier to contact you at least one day before picking up your car. They must also call you once again several hours prior to the actual time for pickup that was previously arranged by you. After arrival at the pickup location, the driver is going to inspect the car, note any damage, and will also present you with the Bill of Lading form for signing.