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Cheap Minnesota Car Transport

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Hello and welcome to Cartransport.PRO! In this article we’ll describe best car Minnesota car transport companies, rates on all major routes and answer your most frequent questions. You can view all Minnesota car transport companies by clicking here. Jump in 🙂

Updated: June 10, 2022

Author: Ricardo Alcázares

The Cheapest Minnesota Car Transport Companies


Planning to move in or out of the state of Minnesota? Moving can be stressful and overwhelming experience for most of the people, be it is their first time or not. Just like you have to think about transporting all your belongings, you have to think about transporting your cars too. For that, you will have to choose one of the best Minnesota car shipping services that can help in relocating your vehicles smoothly and efficiently. Picking the right and the most reliable service for shipping your car is essential as a car is one of your expensive investments. You need to ensure it is in the safe hands.

About the state of Minnesota and the driving conditions there:

Minnesota is a beautiful Midwestern state in United States located in the border of Canada. Also, it happens to be bordering the largest lake of the Great Lakes i.e. Lake Superior. In the south, it is bordered by Iowa and has Wisconsin in the east. The State of Minnesota contains a very popular lake named Lake Itasca. Besides that, it has over 10,000 lakes in it.

Among all the 50 states, Minnesota is the 12 largest state in terms of area and 22nd most populous state of the United States. The climate of this state is typically a continental climate with cold winters, often frigid cold along with hot, humid summers. Due to the location of the state, it has experience some of the widest variety of weather conditions in the US.

Very recently, a massive one-kilometer thick ice sheet has ravaged the landscape of the state of Minnesota. It has also sculpted the terrain to some extent. Though you can expect some areas to be not so smooth, the good news is that the roads of Minnesota are not at all bad. According to a survey, only 15% of the roads in Minnesota are in poor condition. Rest of the area is in perfectly good shape. So, you can least expect bumpy rides, scratches or any other issues.


Let’s start with newly registered businesses in Minnesota:

How to find cheap Minnesota Auto Shipping Companies?


In fact, choosing a reliable Minnesota car transport company can help you through these conditions smoothly. They have expert drivers along with the best equipment and facilities that make your cars ship through the roads easily and smoothly without any damages done. Whenever you handover your car to the transport company, it becomes their motive and priority to ship the car safely. In case, you have any issues such as scratches or dent, you can always ask for compensations.

3 biggest cities of Minnesota:

Here are some of the biggest and the largest cities in Minnesota:

Minneapolis: Minneapolis is the largest and one of the major cities in the state of Minnesota. This city is quite popular because of its lakes and parks. Besides that, it is also a home to many beautiful cultural landmarks. It is nationally recognized because of the exciting and vibrant arts. Also, you cannot ignore the fact that the Mighty Mississippi River flows through this city. As of 2019 census, the population of Minneapolis is 429,606.

Saint Paul: This is the capital city of the state of Minnesota. Along with the Minneapolis, its neighboring city, it forms the �Twin Cities’. Saint Paul is a home to the popular Science Museum of Minnesota. The city was founded in the year 1854 and it has an area of about 145.6 square kilometer. According to the census of 2019, the estimated population of this city is about 308,096. It is also one of the economically advanced cities housing the headquarters of some of the prominent companies.

Duluth: This is the fourth largest city of Minnesota and it is a port city which is located on the Lake Superior. As much as this city is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, it is one of the major cities in Minnesota as it a regional center of higher education, healthcare services, retail and many more other businesses. This city is well-connected with Minnesota and other outer states too. Some of the major highways pass through this city.

Here is the list of top companies on our platform based on their reviews:

Minnesota Auto Shipping Rate Analysis


As many people move in and out of Minnesota almost every day or the other, there are some great facilities. You can call up the best Minnesota car shipping service and they will assure you that the entire process of shipping your car is done smoothly and efficiently. They have a team of highly experienced shipping staffs with lots of expertise regarding this work. The process of transporting your car is quite simple.

It begins by you contacting the best car shipping company in Minnesota for their service details. Or you can also contact them by mailing. One of the representatives of the company will contact you and ask for some of the important details such as:

  • Pickup location of the car
  • Drop of location of the shipment
  • Make and model number of the car along with many other specific details about the car

Once they have got all the details, they will ask you about your preferences on how to ship. This is where you have to choose whether you want open-air transport or closed container transportation. Both the ways are safe and efficiently. But closed container shipment is safer and more secure than the open air one in case of rough road condition or weather.

After all the details have noted, pickup date and location will be finalized. Based on the entire conversation, the Minnesota car hauling company will create a legal contract that you have to read and must be signed by both the parties. Once it is done, they will reach at the specified pickup location on the exact date and time.

Using the best equipment and modern tools, they will ship your car right to the specified destination. It can take few days depending on the distance it has to cover. After the car is successfully shipped to the right location, the receiver will examine the car properly first. Then, the payment will be settled based on that.


Route Avg. Price For Open Trailer
CA-MN $750
MN-WI $650
MN-NY $1150
MN-NJ $1000
MN-NC $850
MN-OH $500
MN-MD $800
Updated: 06/09/22.

How to save on Minnesota car shipping?

When you are looking for the best Minnesota car transport company, it is important that you compare the prices too. For that, you will need to get the quotes from the companies. Thankfully, getting quotes from any transport company in Minnesota is quite easy. First of all, you have to start by shortlisting the best Minnesota car shipping companies.

Once you have shortlisted them, it is time for you to visit their official websites one by one. You will notice some of the services will have “Get a quote” option in their official websites. But some may not have. If the option is there, click on it and they will ask for some of the essential details like pickup location, shipping location and the model of the car. Evaluating all the details, they will contact you directly or they will mail you the quotes.

If the option is not available, then you can find their contact number on their website and call them up. When someone picks up, tell them that you want to get quotes for the service. They will actually ask you all the details that we have discussed just above. Once you provide them with all the information, they will get you the quote. After you get all the quotes from the shortlisted companies, compare them and it will help you to choose the best deal.


With all these details, it will be easier for you to choose the best and most efficient Minnesota car transport company for you. As you may be aware of the fact, shipping of the car involves a lot of permit, insurance and many more. So, it is very important for you to do a bit of background check and research before you finalize the right service for you.


Usually drivers can make up to 450 miles per day. You can simply divide the milage from your pick up location to delivery location by 400 to get an estimation of how many days will it take to deliver.

Sure, all carriers are required to be licensed and insured. You can request cargo insurance certificate once the driver is assigned to the order by your shipping company.

But don’t forget about deductibles! Some cargo insurance policies have them at ridiculously high amounts – up to $5000 per accident.

While 90% of all car shipping orders performed ia open trailer you can consider using enclosed type of the trailer in case your vehicle is worth ore that $50 000. Price will be higher, but you can be sure your vehicle won’t be damaged.