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Cheap Florida Car Transport

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Hello and welcome to Cartransport.PRO! In this article we’ll describe best car Florida car transport companies, rates on all major routes and answer your most frequent questions. You can view all Florida car transport companies by clicking here. Jump in 🙂

The Cheapest Florida Car Transport Companies


Florida is one of the most popular states to start car transport business. 3 out of 10 companies register their ventures in this state. No wonder – all major routes interconnects with this state. Moreover the so called Snowbirds Season (moving from NY during cold season) is one of the most profitable time of the year for auto transport companies.


Let’s start with newly registered businesses in Florida:

How to find cheap Florida Auto Shipping Companies?


The easiest way would be to use sites like Cartransport.PRO or Yelp. These sites aggregates all companies based on their location and business type to make it easier to search through them.

But here is the question – do you need to hire Florida registered company to move your car? The answer would be definitely no. All major transportation companies have access to the national load board and most of them don’t have their own trucks – aka they will subcontract your request to the carrier that have truck not far away. Chances to get in touch with the carrier, not with the broker are minimal. Simply because carriers don’t market themselves. They rely solely on load board with completed orders (where they don’t need to make any pre-sales work).

However it might be a good decision to choose a Florida based broker company to support your local business.

Here is the list of top companies on our platform based on their reviews:

Florida Auto Shipping Rate Analysis

Taking into account that most of the transportation request are made for open trailer we’ll break down some of the most popular routes using open trailer data.

In case you need to calculate enclosed trailer shipping cost – simply add 50% on top of the rate. In case your vehicle is inoperable (but rolls and steers) simply add $100 on top of the rate.

Florida is one of the most popular routes so there won’t be any problems with finding a carrier.


Route Avg. Price For Open Trailer
FL-NY $950
FL-CO $1350
FL-NJ $675
FL-PA $600
FL-AZ $950
FL-CA $1000
FL-VA $450
Updated: 06/04/22.

How to save on Florida car shipping?

The main advise would be – don’t be in a rush and check car transport company reviews prior to placing an order.

Some companies might add $250 on top of their rate for so called “expedited service” in case you need to ship your car within today-tomorrow. Simply plan everything in advance – place your order at least on week prior to your first available shipping date.

It might be a good decision to indicate your pickup location as your work address in order not to wait for the car hauler at your door steps. You can also leave the keys from your vehicle to somebody in your house to hand them to the driver.

Make sure your the big rig can drive through your street, otherwise you might choose to drop f the car at the nearest parking lot or near the mall.


To sum it up – shipping from and to Florida is not a big problem. Some of the major carriers are located in this area and most of the major routes interconnects with Florida one way or another.

In order to save some $$$ place your order in advance, check reviews and read the contract carefully.


Usually drivers can make up to 450 miles per day. You can simply divide the milage from your pick up location to delivery location by 400 to get an estimation of how many days will it take to deliver.

Sure, all carriers are required to be licensed and insured. You can request cargo insurance certificate once the driver is assigned to the order by your shipping company.

But don’t forget about deductibles! Some cargo insurance policies have them at ridiculously high amounts – up to $5000 per accident.

While 90% of all car shipping orders performed ia open trailer you can consider using enclosed type of the trailer in case your vehicle is worth ore that $50 000. Price will be higher, but you can be sure your vehicle won’t be damaged.