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Cheap Arizona Car Transport

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Hello and welcome to Cartransport.PRO! In this article we’ll describe best car Arizona car transport companies, rates on all major routes and answer your most frequent questions. You can view all Arizona car transport companies by clicking here. Jump in 🙂

The Cheapest Arizona Car Transport Companies


Arizona is one the main states that connects New York and Florida with California. No wonder almost all major routes interconnects with this state.

Relocating from one city to another is not an easy job. However, it cannot also be avoided because of the world in which we are living today. If we look at our forefathers and perhaps even our parents, they would have perhaps spent almost their entire productive life in a particular city. At the most they may have moved from one locality to another. Moving from one province to another or state to state was quite rare. However, things have changed dramatically over the past three decades or so. Relocations, better jobs, new career prospects, health related relocations and other such things are becoming common. Hence, there is no denying the fact that for many relocation has indeed become a way of life and there is no looking back on this.

While there is nothing wrong with relocation, there are some practical problems that one should take into account. The biggest challenge in relocating is movement and shipping of personal belongings, household furniture and other such things from one place to another. The job becomes even more challenging if the shifting or relocation has to be done for the entire family. It certainly cannot be done using DIY methods and approaches and there is a need to hire the services of professionals to do the job for you.

Most homes also have cars and transporting or shipping them from one city to another within Arizona is not easy. There is no other alternative but to hire the right Arizona car transport company. This is because they are the ones who have the right experience, expertise and wherewithal to handle complex car shipping and moving jobs.

However, before choosing a suitable Arizona car shipping company there are a few things that one must keep in mind. There is stiff competition out there when it comes to car shipping in particular and general movement of belongings from one city to another. Therefore, as a customer you must be able to choose the right service provider taking into account various factors. It should not be a difficult task if you are able to do your research and then hire the right car shipping professional in Arizona. At the same time, it will do you a world of good if you are able to have some basic information about Arizona before you hire the services of these professionals. It will help you to have first-hand information about the topography of the state, the conditions of the roads, the important cities that are commonly chosen for relocation and other such things.

Further, you should also have a reasonably good understanding about the dynamic of car transport or car shipping. Other important things that we will cover in this article are ways and means to get a suitable car transport quote. Finally we also will be looking at three professional car shipping and moving companies in Arizona. We are sure that the information we are sharing will be useful to the readers and may help them to make the right choice that is based on facts, figures and logic.


Let’s start with newly registered businesses in Arizona:

How to find cheap Arizona Auto Shipping Companies?

Arizona is located in the southwestern part of the United States of America. In terms of size, Arizona happens to be the 6th largest state and in terms of population, it is the 14th most populated state of the country. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and there are also some other popular cities that attract a lot of commerce, business and workers and businesspersons from other neighboring and far-flung states. The state is spread over an area of around 114,000 square miles and has a population of around 7.28 million. It has a population density of 57 people per square kilometer.

It is home to some of the biggest companies in the USA and a few big names that are popular are McDonald’s Corp., Wells Fargo & Co., JP Morgan Chase & Co., American Airlines, Bank of America and Amazon.com just to name a few. Hence, it does attract a lot of talent and blue collar workers from many parts of the country. There is a constant movement of people from other cities of Arizona and also from other states. They come here in search of new jobs and new career or business opportunities.

The state of Arizona is also well-developed in terms of infrastructure and the roads are reasonably good across the entire state but for some rough patches here and there. Hence, if you are planning to move your car, you can do so without the fear of major damages because of bad road conditions.

Here is the list of top companies on our platform based on their reviews:

Arizona Auto Shipping Rate Analysis

First let’s take a look at major cities in Arizona.


Though there are many reasonably big cities in Arizona, we will be looking at the top three. Phoenix being the capital city is the biggest city. It is the most populous and obviously the most developed city in Arizona. It is spread over an area of 519 square miles and has a population of around 1.68 million as per 2019 estimates. It has a population density of 3,245 persons per square mile. It attracts many workers from other cities and also from other states.


Tucson is another important city in Arizona and is located in Pima County. It is famous and has a rich culture and history and is home to the famous University of Arizona. It is the second largest city in the state with an estimated population of around 980,000. It is located around 108 miles away from Phoenix and is well connected by different modes of transport.


Located in Maricopa County, Mesa is also considered as the suburb of Phoenix. It is located just around 20 miles east of the capital city. It has a population of 471,000. The city has the distinction of being the largest city in the USA in terms of population. It also has some big employers like Boeing, Walmart, and AT&T. It does attract workers of all shades from across the state and also from some other neighboring states.


Route Avg. Price For Open Trailer
CA-AZ $450
AZ-WI $1150
AZ-NY $1550
AZ-NJ $1200
AZ-NC $1150
AZ-OH $1200
AZ-MD $1050
Updated: 06/04/22.

How to save on Arizona car shipping?

Car shipping is almost similar to shipping other belongings of the house. However, there are some basic differences. Cars need to be shipped in special containers and the customers should choose between open and closed containers. The latter will be a better option though expensive. It will protect the car from the elements of nature.

As a customer, you should ideally approach five or six car movers and take quotes from them. However, before offering quotes, reputed car shipping companies would like to know more about the condition of the car, its age, the location where the car needs to be transported, the starting location, etc. They also would like to have further information about the color of the car, make, model, year of manufacture, overall condition and other such things. They also will ask for details about the insurance documents and the car registration documents. They also would like to know whether you prefer an open car container or a closed one.

Once you have seen the quotes, you will have to take a decision. It would be always advisable to ask for a written quote and the quote should have a specific validity date. Stay away from quotes that come with conditions attached to it. Choose the right car shipping company based on reputation, goodwill, cost and reliability. Never decide based on rates alone.


Choosing a good car transport and shipping company can become an easy task provided you know how to go about it. There are many good car transporters and movers and it is all about researching, being patient and going through the due diligence process. It should not be decided in a hurry and you must look into the credentials, experience and track record before choosing them. Do not sign the contract unless you have gone through fine print and also have a clear idea as to what is written between the lines.


Usually drivers can make up to 450 miles per day. You can simply divide the milage from your pick up location to delivery location by 400 to get an estimation of how many days will it take to deliver.

Sure, all carriers are required to be licensed and insured. You can request cargo insurance certificate once the driver is assigned to the order by your shipping company.

But don’t forget about deductibles! Some cargo insurance policies have them at ridiculously high amounts – up to $5000 per accident.

While 90% of all car shipping orders performed ia open trailer you can consider using enclosed type of the trailer in case your vehicle is worth ore that $50 000. Price will be higher, but you can be sure your vehicle won’t be damaged.