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The most unreliable and deceitful business

Warning....Warning.... Stay away from this shipping company After the company found my request for shipping a car from NY to NC, they quoted me a price of $550. So this is how it went after they bombarded me with 6-7 calls within 2 hours: Customer (me): Can you tell me about your business? Carship Central: Yes, we've been in the business since 2005 and we have many carriers that can do the job, and we are very reliable and on time.. me: Where are you located: CC: We are located in Palm Beach, Florida me: I'm trying to have my car shipped from NY to NC, do you have someone that can pick up the car in NY. CC: Yes, we have many drivers and we certainly can do that for you. me: How soon can you pick it up? CC: Within 1-2 days me: Is this the right price that you quoted me? CC: Yes, that is the price; insurance and taxes included. me: How long will you take to deliver the car? CC: Can you give the delivery address? me: yes, sure .............., Raleigh, NC CC: Yes, we can do this in 1-2 days, how soon do you want your car be picked up? me: Can you pick it up tomorrow from the dealership? CC: Yes, we can do that, me: You can deliver it in days after you pick it up, how about Saturday? CC: Yeh, That's fine me: I see that your website says to pay $200 and the balance should be paid via cash or any certified funds (money order, cashiers check) on delivery. CC: Yes, if your ok. we can start me: Ok, let's go for it. Here is my credit card number CC: you'll receive the written contract in few minutes to your email, if you can sign it and then we can start the process. me: I have signed it. Will you find a driver and let me know? CC: yes, we will call you as soon as we locate a driver to pick up the car. me: ok , thank you. I'll wait for your call Next day at 11:30 am : CC: Yes, we have some drivers but they are not in the area, but one driver says that he can pick up your car 4 days from now (on Monday) me: But you said within 1-2 days, and this is the 2nd day, why are you telling me someone can pick up the car in 4 days? CC: Well, these things happen, but let me make some calls and Ill get back to you. me: you do that CC: Yes, we located a driver and he can pick your car in 2 hours, but he is asking for $750. me: Are you insane?? If you can not find someone to pick up the car, let's cancel the whole deal. CC: But if you want your car to be picked up today, you'll not going to find any driver to do it. me: Never mind, just cancel the whole thing and return my money, please. I spent three hours trying cancel the transaction, but they kept giving me excuses that they never charge my credit card. I called my bank three times and they confirmed that CC did charge my credit card. My last call I firmly and politely asked that their contract stipulate that charges will be authorized (blocked) to the credit card provided, and charged after actual pick up. However, the bank clearly indicated that they did charge my credit card and my car was not even picked up.. They lied and wasted my time and now I have to wait for the bank to cancel the charges. Be aware of this business and stay away from them.

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