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Totally not worth doing business.

I was quoted $995 for delivery. This included 100lbs of items in the car. If over, I would be charged an extra $100 for up to 200lbs of items ($1095 total). This is fine. I requested a full upfront payment of the amount, but was denied with the repeated statement "no, it is company policy" I was out of town for both pickup and delivery -- my family would give/receive the keys in my place. I was told this was OK. I paid $95 deposit 02/11 = $900 remaining. On the day of pickup 02/14 N(2 days late from what I expected), the driver DID NOT WEIGH THE ITEMS but claimed I had more than 100lbs and charged me $150 (which SHOULD BE $100). I immediately contacted Yellowfin -- Mary -- who assured me twice that everything was okay. She stated it would only be an extra $100 if over 100lbs. So we signed off on the $150, assuming some agreement between the driver and YF had taken place. At delivery 02/19, the driver again argued that it was $150 extra. I reached out to YF who "could not do anything" because the driver stated it was over 100 lbs. There was no documentation of weight. They could NOT tell me how much my items weighed. The driver only assumed and now was charging $50 more than the extra $100 I was assured. When I reviewed the contract, I noticed a clause protecting YF NOT the consumers. Mary did not mention this on 02/14. There is NO WAY to tell if the driver is lying or if Mary AND the driver were scamming me. All Mary said was "Trust me.." I refused to pay $1050 because even with the extra $100 charge, my remaining total should only be $1000. Mary argued this and when I sent her the BASIC MATH, she went silent. No response. I also saw that the contract ALLOWED full payment of the delivery, which I was denied. I sent this to Mary as well. NO RESPONSE. So I put my foot down, paid $1000, and the driver, after yelling, said OK. Turns out he charged $50 TO MY FAMILY ON PICKUP WHO WAS NOT ON THE CONTRACT WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE. THIS IS ILLEGAL!!! YF only said "He will get bad score from that" I have filed a complaint with the BBB, and YF said "We did not physically assess your luggage. Nor did we charge you anything outside of your agreement with us. The Carrier was responsible for both." If you are not the one physically assessing my lugging or ensuring that my contract prevails, then how can you charge fees for items YOU don't weigh? Totally not worth doing business.

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