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Fraudulent company that will damage your vehicle and rip you off

This is a company that openly admits to hiring uninsured, non commercially licensed drivers. They will take your money, lie to you at every step and then play dumb. It began with the price going from 825 to 1400 (which you can see from the reviews is a common occurrence)…if that wasn’t bad enough I paid with a credit card and understood, even asked, if that is where it will all be billed….get to the destination and the driver is demanding cash. Tried calling the broker on a Saturday, left voicemail, sent texts sent email…zilch. Paid driver the max allowable withdrawal from an out of town atm and told him to come back tomorrow. Driver’s boss is calling for no release of RV…still calling and still no answer- nobody told me or I don’t recall…even the driver admitted that he should have said something…to top it all off my RV w knows who to contact regarding a claim and the broker still doesn’t respond. An absolute 100% mess! In the agreement it says “SHOULD” not MUST or WILL…like any other legalistic document… Asked repeatedly for a BOL or INS information from the driver Timothy Williams or Jason Gloecker on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and here on Thursday I get a message from Jason saying that he’s “working on getting a bill of lading…” Turns out the Insurance on the driver is bogus- policy # given by True Carriers broker Jason : CA00543549 is listed to a GMC sierra while the Dodge Truck Texas plate #PYG3098 with Timothy Williams as driver, was the one that drove and had the accident. When I called the insurance company they told me that the driver/company had only reported the fence post as being damaged and not the trailer as well as the fact that the vehicle/trailer in question were not mentioned at all nor covered by any policy with Progressive.Universal Carriers is the company DOT # 3978736…SCAM SCAM SCAM When I call one of the many numbers asking to speak with the owner (been doing this for 6 hours) I’m told that someone will call me back…Nobody ever does. This company is a SCAM Filed a complaint with DOT on the broker, carrier and driver…keep getting told that someone will call me back when I call True Carrier…however, predictably, they do not call…. The more I dig the more I find…Iryna Tashbaeva is listed as the owner at 3030 N. ROCKY POINT DR. STE 150A TAMPA, FL 33607- this is a front/fake business address…like a place you get P.O. Boxes…so it appears that the business has a couple alies…Have REPEATEDLY asked to speak with this person…Zilch again Turns out, Iryna lives in New York. I included a picture of the drivers vehicle that was used to deliver and damage my RV. According to Progressive Ins. They have no record of the driver nor the vehicle on the policy.Oh, and the truck isn’t registered in Timothy Williams’ name either…smoke and mirrors everywhere with this outfit. The dodge Truck is registered to Jennifer Horton of El Paso, TX. Someone Timothy duped evidently. Have continued to attempt to work with True Carriers/Jason Gloecker and his choice of carriers Universal Transport- Jason has proven pretty useless. His justification for why he chose said company was some “glowing” review of the carrier…however, when I go and look at SAFER this carrier has multiple violations and shutdowns in the past year…Due diligence is lacking here. Jason has also done nothing substantive to correct the damage to my trailer other than forwarding my complaints/info to the carrier- The same carrier that lies about the damage, the vehicle and the driver…Only a fool would expect a result from this. I wouldn’t trust these guys to move a garbage can across my driveway without screwing it up. If you value your property, money and sanity go with a different broker. Did I mention that Mr. Gloecker admitted to not vetting drivers/companies/insurance…I’ve included that text below. That should tell you everything you need to know. I’ve included a picture of the mysterious Timothy Williams as well as the bogus review that Jason provided as his justification for hiring this great carrier and a picture of the wounded fence post and owner info.-

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